Feared Reality

Only wanted I it for me ah, if I could! I fall in ecstasy when thinking I will have when it only pra me. – Not reality! It does not come now, is everything so good. It would come to me and I would see never more it in the arms of another one. He could you make it happy and to be happy, finally, without fear! – Ah reality waits more a little. Only more a little. It will go to become woman in my arms and we will not need more to swallow so pretty, ready feelings to be shown but that they dim the eyes of the primitive. – All well reality, could not holds it for much time.

It comes, can come. It is not entirely mine, I knows! – But she knows, reality, that is for limited time. I have very pleasant meeting in a place that pods not to enter. My dreams! – Ah dreams, at night come to carry through me. It comes to fill what this feared reality does not obtain. I wait you anxious dreams, for finally you it only pra me. Yearning for the night as yearning for my fast fearful meeting with it, when the reality is of the side of is for moments and not it has force to destroy the barrier that we create for it. The barrier calls love! when we obtain mante it for is, creates our proper reality.