Treasure Map

This is the psychology of wealth. The path leading to wealth is this: procrastinate part of the money for business development, part of the education bit for charity, and the rest live in the pleasure. If you are not yet able to purchase what are dreaming, then Program your mind on receive much more money in the future, and then everything will turn out. Act 4. Be honest, it’s profitable! I think this law should not comment. Live with pure thoughts and honest attitude, above all, to themselves and those around you people. That are giving you will receive. The universe can not be deceived! Act 5.

“Treasure Map” helps materialize the desire classic “Treasure Map”. Arm yourselves with scissors, the most beautiful magazines, and select their photos, which like you own the most. What’s next, I think you have already guessed. Choose the interior, that car, those jewels, that beauty or handsome, the country house that, in your opinion, is embodiment of your dreams and put your picture in the center of this beauty itself. Important! Please pay attention to the fact that the picture was not bleak, threatening objects, armed men and all the negative scenes.

Only joy, only beauty, only abundance, only health, only love! Understand what you are doing? You show yourself and the Universe, that dream of yours has already been achieved. You already got all of what the dream. Do you have it, and in the best possible way, in the most perfect form, in the brilliant expression.