Office Inflation

When speaking of labour mobility is not done reference to the right of the people moved beyond wherever, as it has always been reclaimed from the theory of the free market, since Adam Smith, but rather refers to the right to dismiss workers when it suits the current version of globalization, investors and capital-based. The companies-sas must have freedom of movement, but not the people, since their rights are secondary, anecdotal. Low inflation generates poverty? Governments say that salvation for submerged classes is low inflation, since workers are afraid to claim more salary and benefits. They are insecure. This is clear if we examine the statistics.

During the past 25 years, in this period of retraction of crisis of democracy, room-rivers have stagnated or have dropped for most of the labour force, for unskilled workers, and working hours have increased spectacular-mind; This is discussed, of course, in the business press, describing it as a desired development of transcendent importance, with workers forced to leave their luxurious lifestyles, while corporate profits are preeminent and prodigious. In the past sixty years, has criticized the Estado as Office of servi-cios; anxious staff members who do not support the face of poverty are a drawback – I quote the good Admins public who don’t do more than break up freedoms; the criticism of the dogma of the full employment attainable by true but with high doses or gradual inflation; the end of Mythology that makes unions and the source of its aso-CLADES the cause of social progress, checking that is not only so, but the guilds sojuzgan to its affiliates and affect their ability to work, this is now a critical reality mensaje. Also discovered that poverty not based a need to urgently needed-cia in the early stages of economic development, it is not an urgency that can solve, your solution depends on the growth and It appears once this underpins.