Cairo Arab

The year of 2011 will be remembered as the interstice of the protests in the world all, but especially in the Arab countries. There there, destemidas multitudes had caused the fall of the dictators Zine El Abidine Ben, of Tunisia, and Hosni Mubarak, of Egypt. The Lybian Muamar Kadhafi was knocked down by rebels supported for NATO and the iemenita Abdullah Saleh was obliged There to sign term where if it compromises, in a next future, to deliver to the position immunity in exchange for. However, had the internal characteristics of each one of those nations – as, for example, the fact of the power in Egypt to have been assumed for a together military man who the principle if declared of transistion, but that, independently of the first phase of the elections it has days carried through, little by little was if perpetuating in the command of the country not yet if it can say that any of them alive in full democracy. Nor they and nor most of the members of Arab Liga. Arab Liga is a regional organization established in the Cairo in 1945 with the objective to fortify the economic bows, commercial, cultural and religious between the respective countries, counting today on 22 members: Tunisia, Egypt, Lybian, Imen, Saudi Arabia, Joined Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Sudan, Morocco, Kuwait, Algeria, Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrein, Om, Mauritnia, Somlia, Palestine, Djibouti, Comores and Syrian. Then, most of them possesss atrocious governments central offices, being the example most evident Saudi Arabia. One of the countries most influential of Liga, Saudi Arabia if constitutes in an absolute monarchy, as well as in a wahhabita theocracy (where, in synthesis, it has the most fundamentalist application of the Islamic law, the Sharia, even so since the beginning of 90 years the government denies its bonds with the inheritance wahhabi). This makes with that the Saudi regimen internationally is condemned by respected organizations of defense of the human rights in virtue of being one of the world-wide leaders in ranking of the systems that more apply the penalty of death for crimes that not it of homicide, amongst other atrocities.

Technological Scientific National Advice

First Program Company financed for the FINEP subordinated to the Ministry of Science and Technology. The proclamation left in day 05/03/2009 e> Program Innovative Company, who will liberate resource of the order of R$ 249 million stops up to 5.400 companies, being that they will be set free resources of R$ 120,000, 00 the deep no-reembolsvel, in first the 12 months of the presentation of the proposal and more R$ 120,000, 00 for the others 12 following months with tax of interests zero. For even more details, read what NYSE DNB says on the issue. With this program the FINEP, financial agency will try> Technological Pro-Innovation, also is with registrations opened for projects of social development with registers in cadastre up to 30/04/2009, that it will contemplate resources of until R$ 300,000, 00, in partnership with SESI-SENAI, that counted on arrives in port of resources of the Technological Scientific National Advice (CNPq). Information in the site: In full scene of international crisis, the Year of France in Brazil, brings positive actions for the two countries, since exchange of experiences in the art areas theater, audiovisual, music and others, as in strategical pursuings of the economy, defense, scientific cooperation, technology, commercial promotion and academic activities. > APL s can be an alternative, the Chamber talo-Brazilian of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, offer courses of qualification in APL, that can be an important instrument of municipal aid. A related site: MasterClass Founder mentions similar findings.

To create program of incentive to the empreendedorismo, through adequate lectures and courses the reality of each municipality. To fortify projects of solidary economy and to foment research for promotion and local development, information> National Secretariat of Ambient Sanitation, the National Secretariat of Transport and Urban Mobility SeMob, National Secretariat of Urban Programs. The tourism, also is a pursuing that can generate many jobs, in such a way to search niches that represent an income-producing economic alternative for the locality. The city halls compete the constant search of solutions of empregabilidade, logistic operational of attendance the supports technician, administrative and assistenciais, to brighten up social problems. All the possible efforts stop> solutions in the relief of the impacts of the unemployment demand urgency and to face with seriousness the question can provide to success to the municipal management and progress of the city.

Public Power

Its obligatoriness has objective to guarantee the morality of the process, preventing that presumptions members politicians, personal or familiar friendships of the administrators if benefit when of the necessity of an acquisition or execution of a service, as well as also have the function to keep the efficiency of the process.Some cases exist where it does not have necessity of the licitatrio process, cases of donations of property to other agencies comoem public, right in rem of use, location, permission for use of social interest, specified in art. 17, I and II, and others twenty and cases (art. 24 I XXIV), as in cases of war declared, public calamity, comprometimento of the national security, amongst outrosO author of this work recognizes that the position for adopted it goes of meeting to practically the all the doctrine. Its objective, however, was simply to externar a particular position, without bigger pretensions, for finding adjusted the chance. However, of all the displayed one, one concludes that the licitation, not obstante the obligatoriness for the Public Administration, must be considered rule to be applied by the Public Power and not plus a principle, what by no means it removes its value and imperatividade.

It is that the disposals constitutional that deal with the licitation do not possess the degree of abstraction and generality, as well as of vagueza, condizentes with a principle. The licitation, thus, is not an end in same itself. It exists to serve to the public interest and pra not to confront it. Therefore it is that hypotheses of its inexigibilidade are foreseen and even though excuses and the prohibition possibility. It is of if having in aiming that the licitation cannot emperrar the administrative machine, but yes serviz it in efficient way. Necessary it is to use itself of it in rational way, not if arresting the trifling details, what of form some implies confronts to the legislation. .

Democratic Management

Axles: I? Paper of the State in the guarantee of the right to the education of quality II? Quality of the education, Democratic Management and Evaluation III? Democratization of the Access, Permanence and Pertaining to school Success IV – Formation, Valuation of the Workers in Education V? Financing of the Education and Social Control VI? Social justice, Education and Work: Inclusion, Diversity and Equality In brief commentaries we will try to make a simple analysis for axle, being tried to establish dialogue with situations ece of fishes as for the current educational context. Axle I: Paper of the State in the Guarantee of the Right to the Education of Quality the oferecimento of education of quality, including the fulfilment of the same one before the law and the plans implemented for the State is familiar to all () () participant of the process the Brazilian politician, has seen the conquest in the participation of the society as estimated in excellent contributions in the elaboration of better proposals, or better, the transcription of speaks of some social segmentations to the meeting of the observed educational necessities during the recognition of each citizen as subject social asset and. The National Conference of Education in its final document emphasizes the obligatoriness of the State before the law as for offers of education, also detaching the importance of one politics accomplishes and qualitative as rescue and as debt to the Brazilian people for terms had practical historical marks strong impregnated of elitizadas, discriminatory, bureaucratic etc. Wedge (2001) in State, Democracy and Education in Brazil strengthens such affirmation in the following ticket: The Brazilian pertaining to school education is inheriting direct of the discriminatory system of the escravagista society under imperial domination. Exactly having left to exist, the escravagismo left persistent marks in the current school, although the advance of the capitalism in Brazil and some periods of bigger opening of the system politician. .

Basic Ensino

Good afternoon to the all! Observing the recommendations of the MEC I was happy for knowing that I am fulfilling them well! I always alert to the parents who the presence and participation of them in the pertaining to school life of its children are basic. Currently leciono for a group of 1 year of Basic Ensino I, and for incredible that it seems, since early many parents if does not matter with the income of its children and neither practical which I am adopting to contribute with the formation of them. The difference in the pupils is clear when it has parents gifts or absentees; in the meetings always I give prominence to the thought: ' ' Vocs now needs to be gifts, to be worried, to question, to follow, to fight, to order to make of new, because if these children to grow without the accompaniment and the concern of vocs, will not advance when they will be with 15 or 16 years, to start to speak and not to reveal present.child memory is complicated they does not forget helped who them and it abandoned who them if absent it means to give edge to the formation of future delinquents.' ' The dumb majority, at least for one month after the meeting!. .