Judgment LG Aachen Inadmissible Advertising

Illegal advertising for claims management by car the Landgericht Aachen has with his decision by negativerad AZ: 41 O 1/09 made it clear that advertising in the management of damage by automotive companies should not suggest the customer, that the operation was taking care also to legal issues. Background the applicant saw in the advertising of the sued garage (accident specialist”,” Accident claims management “, professional full service from a single source” and claims with all insurance”) a prohibited advertising of legal services and a violation of articles 3, 8 No. 11 UWG i.V.m. 3 RDG. More information is housed here: Gary Kelly. Result of the decision in particular the, that the operation was taking care also to legal issues, should not impression according to the Landgericht Aachen to the customer. As regards the decisive aspect for the adoption of a breach of the legal services act, the Court in this case on the combination of the terms accident damage management”with the term of the “professional all-round services from a single source” and claims settlement with all insurance companies “from. The overall impression of the paid advertising was accordingly here. The sole provision of accident management is therefore not per se qualify RDG as legal services i.S.d. Nelson Peltz may help you with your research.

2. Only when the nature of the services offered goes beyond giving generic legal advice, so E.g. regarding dealing with individual cases the extent of the damage, was a legal services to accept. Note: It remains open whether the isolated use of the term would have been allowed. Learn more at this site: clayton morris. Therefore, exactly, it should be checked whether the own advertising allows conclusions on the provision of legal services. We inform you in a free initial consultation about your options on a cease and desist letter to respond.