Yves Dambach

The latest projects are in close cooperation developed with customers such as Saint-Gobain, Eurocontrol, Alphega Pharma, and many other prestigious companies. The realization of the projects involve individual solutions tailored to measure. Saint-Gobain: Guideline of skills the Saint-Gobain Group needed a common language and common practices around the leadership. KTM advance produced as a solution the module guidelines of the Saint-Gobain skills that explains each stage of competence so are Manager will be able to identify them and to insert into their team. These skills are trained with the help of a Board Panel, which makes accessible the guidance has three modes. Different topics are covered: discovery mode (guided courses), training mode (game), evaluation mode (test score). Eurocontrol: Safety nets Eurocontrol is the international organisation for the central coordination of air traffic control in Europe.

This module is aimed at air controllers, pilots and the whole the decision makers and European managers who supervise aviation security. The goal is raising awareness with regard to air conflicts in the form of clashes. Here the application of various aspects have been used as a solution through educational means, and with the help of different scenarios: the procedures for the use of the systems, the application of Eurocontrol published specifications (standards) and lastly the influence on the work of the air controllers. The success of KTM advance distinguishes itself especially through the pedagogical approach, which is paramount. This approach is now also in the book serious game: educational revolution explains. The authors, Valerie Boudier, doctor in information sciences, and Yves Dambach, Executive Director and owner of KTM advance, have thus their knowledge to outsiders made available.

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