Dale Carnegie

It is also a challenge that to the vegetarians is tax: if to want to finish with the vexaminosa routine to pass hunger in these places at last and terms in them what to eat, let us make the spreading of the sojvora culinria. For the onvoros consumers of opened mind more to the health questions, environment and rights of the animals, some sources of the necessity stand out to have this vegetal option of meal in the hiddings place of happy-hour. For ignorant and reactionary people and proprietors of establishments thus, let us know to contain the protest impulses, for a moment to remove the armor of warrior for the animals, to say the language of them and to stand out the gustativo side of the sojeiros derivatives, the delight of its taste and the good variety in the proportionate palate for the come products of the cereal. Let us make as the master of relations human beings Dale Carnegie taught: let us prevent quarrel, let us start friendly, let us be empticos and let us speak in the terms of the interest that we want to convince to try soy. It is with this effort more the propagandas in the media that the vegetarians, ovolactistas and other enemies of the meat at last will have what to eat in that meeting with the old friends and in the beach of the weekend. Our stomachs and the animals will be thankful..