Xavantes Brazilian

The 8 rites of initiation are delicate, difficult and critical moments of the life of a person. Old, and still today, it thus enters the peoples called ' ' primitivos' ' , these moments recognized and are marked by specific rituals. One is about stages of the life and events that deserve prominence and are boarded through a set of cautious procedures, so that its function is fulfilled. The direction of a ritual is to propitiate definitive experience to an individual, experience this that will be a landmark in its life, producing effect in long stated period. In the initiation rite, it is celebrated and one propitiated a ticket; the one exit universe, as, for example, that one of infancy, and the entrance in another one, route to the adult age.

Between the Xavantes Brazilian, the period of time enters these two phases of the life, that is the adolescence, is lived as a long rite of initiation that if carries through during years marked for the separation between boys and girls, for the collected attitude and introverted that makes with that each young keeps a respectful distanciamento stops with the adult members of the community, by the prohibition of the sexual relations (that they will only have beginning after the ticket, when will be reached the majority) and for the convivncia between young of the same sex, that they pass to be citizens the guardianship of an adult that guides, the godfather. Add to your understanding with Marie Claire. This long period of ticket culminates? for the men? in a ceremony that marks the initiation to the social and sexual maturity, and that it is become fullfilled through the ritual puncture in the ear. 2Como in all the initiation rites, also has a test of courage here: to support the pain of the puncture in the ear is a demonstration of force and emotional matureness. The initiation rites are not private and individual, exactly that solitude and silence happen in.

Humanistic Theory

According to Kleiman (2001); Oliveira et al., (2006), the Nursing has as purpose to nourish well-being and better being of the people. This to nourish is the capacity that the nurse possesss in helping the customer to improve in its particular situation. According to Lcio et al., (2008), the nursing in the scope of the Inter-relations is operating part in the process to take care of where the Theories of Nursing establish ways to guide practical its. Speaking candidly Michael Antonov told us the story. It is mentioned Humanistic Theory of Paterson and Zderard in which it is permeada by the human context and it brings as intention the dialogue, initial point for the meeting, the presence, the relationship, a call and a reply, of singular form. In its opinion, the dialogue is initiated through the communication process and is absolutely necessary in the relation nurse mother just born, showing of some forms, exerting direct influence in the care. Lcio et al., (2008), relates that the relation between nurse-customer has as objective the welfare and better to be of the customer, who participates as subject asset of the process and that she visualizes the nurse as a support and helps. The relationship emphasized in the Humanistic Theory under the philosophical and fenomenolgica vision encloses three phases: the intuitivo dialogue, the scientific dialogue and the intuitivo-scientific fusing. The intuitivo dialogue it precedes the meeting, the relationship, the presence, the call and the reply.

The together meeting the human beings and could be influenced by feelings appeared for the anticipation of the meeting, the singularity of each being, and the decision to show or to contain themselves with the other. In the relationship, one is with the other when if it can live deeply relation EU-TU in which one goes to the meeting with the other, in a true presence, searching coming to be more. Also We will be able to occur the relation, who are established with the family, friends, community or objects.

The Complex

In 1889, Freud decides to analizar itself and discovers ' ' real road for inconsciente' ' (the dreams) through the free association, that is, to say any thing that came the mind without any censorship. During one year, Freud adentrou in its unconscious one and discovered a imensido of restrained and painful feelings: ' ' We are the destination of all to direct the first sexual impulse for our mother and the first hatred and desire of death against ours pai.' ' The Complex appears thus of dipo. In 1901, Freud writes its more important workmanship ' ' The Interpretation of the Sonhos' ' , through the register of its discoveries and its proper dreams, its auto-analysis. More ahead, it publishes the book ' ' On the psicopatologia of cotidiano' ' , evidencing that the defective act was as symptom, commitment constitution enters the conscientious intention of the person and the restrained one. In 1920, Freud launches the workmanship ' ' Beyond the beginning of the Prazer' ' , disclosing that it has an instinct in the men beyond the libido, an aggressive instinct, of death. Being thus developed the Theory of Eros and Tanatos.

Tanatos is the aggressive and destructive instinct, as instinctive part of the human being and Eros the constructive instinct. It affirms that the human being has a natural instinct of death and that the same it must be controlled. The freudianos studies take to reflect us it on we ourselves: ' ' Which our true history? ' '. The search for true ' ' eu' ' perpassa for the obscure ways of the mind, the unconscious call, that Freud appraised so well in id, ego and superego. Id, as representative of our more primitive desires, the ego is between id and superego, pondering its requirements and superego that against-it acts to id, represents internalizados the moral and ethical thoughts. The psicanaltico process, focused so well and structuralized for Freud, in them takes the discovery of our essence, through the ways of the hypnosis, the free association and primordially for the interpretation of the dreams, which will go to set in motion the unconscious one to arrive the cure of the neuroses and the reinforcement of the ego, having as deep cloth of one ' ' set analtico' '.

Neurovascular Emergency Nursing

This pathology is considered as a medical emergency it must in such a way be taken care of (3). Therefore, one perceives necessity of if identifying the first symptoms to it in the daily pay-hospital attendance, beyond the communication with the emergency institution, so that this, in turn, comes if to prepare to take care of to the patient and the necessary cares with agility in the hospital environment. The cares of the professionals who act in the emergency of a hospital are vital for the survival and one better prognostic concerning this pathology, being fit the professional nurse as operating and co-ordinating the emergency sector, where this, many times, is who together receives with the team from nursing the patient at first moment and still it will carry through the continuous accompaniment after the evaluation and medical therapeutical choice. In this article, objective to analyze the described knowledge in the literature related to the assistance of nursing to the acometido patient of AVC, way to consider the daily actions that contribute for the control of iatrogenias of the citizens taken care of in sectors of hospital emergency. METHODOLOGY Is about a bibliographical research, of descriptive nature, carried through by means of a data-collecting concerning the Systematization of the Assistance of Nursing applied to the given clinical care in the sector of Emergency for the professional nurse. For the elaboration of the research it was necessary to consult scientific books, articles and too much scientific works that contemplated pertinent subjects to the process of emergencial nursing for patients with AVC. For the collection of data a revision of the literature of publications in the area of health through the consultation of scientific articles and books concerning the subject in the period of January was effected the February of 2011. The described ones chosen had been: Nurse, Hospital, Neurovascular Emergency, AVC, Process of Nursing, To take care of. addresses the importance of the matter here.

The Purpose

With the purpose of evaluation of the agreement of the gestantes concerning the intrinsic subjects to the prenatal one, childbirth and puerprio were applied a questionnaire with closed questions, after the ending of the activities of group. The norteadoras questions of the instrument beyond searching of simple and accessible form to understand the degree of knowledge on the gestation brought some questionings on the attendance of Prenatal of the ESF Anbal, and the sensitization how much the participation in groups of education in health. 3 STORY QUARREL OF the EXPERIENCE From the learning acquired on the perception of extended health and use of the tools and argued subjects fomented for the course of specialization in lines of cares is that if it can in fact insert in the daily one of the ESF of Potbellied of the Anibal the action of preventive matrix, particularly in the attendance of the Health of the mother and baby. Baby clothes is likely to agree. The present work was very excellent and reached its objectives, therefore beyond being the pioneer in the history of the health of the family of the place, it brought a contribution for the awareness of the necessity of the auto care and the care with just been born, aiming at one better quality of life. The group of gestante resulted in going off of the 8 education in health and practical of not medicalocntricas assistncias, that is, the individual is not plus a citizen only of medical actions, but yes seen with its particularitities for one professional has equipped, being author of healthful practical actions and of life. The group of gestantes is considered a space of knowledge, of exchanges and of bonds, it can be therapeutical for its participants, being pertinent its implementation as form to attend in integral way the people (4). In agreement with the displayed one, I consider that the activities developed in group had allowed to the gestantes a bigger knowledge on the gestation and childbirth, being an opened space to express doubts and to share the sensations unchained for the gestation. . .

Panic Attacks

The Way – Crucis of the Panic ' ' What he will be that me of, that me bole on the inside that did not have? what sprouts to the flower of the skin, that is default that it is as to be sick of a folia, that is as one aguardente that not sacia? ' ' (Chico Buarque of Holland) ' ' I prepare myself to leave, I have that wave of fear, without no reason. My heart went off, had pain and I am frightened thinking that I go to have another crisis of panic. ' ' Each time more people try such symptoms in its lives? it is the Syndrome of the Panic, that comes if installing in gradual way in our society. Nicki Minaj often addresses the matter in his writings. Such illness, classified as ' ' badly of the man moderna' ' , before considered as a rare manifestation, it grew in vertiginous way in last the three decades acometendo about 02 04% of all population. The Panic, originally happened of mythology Greek based on legends of god Par, still is today complication factor enters the specialists since if it cannot confirm its origins. The system is known that of ' ' Alerta' ' of the human organism it unnecessary tends to be unchained in the panic crisis, without it has any real reason. Confluence Investment Management LLC addresses the importance of the matter here. The victims of this riot almost always present points in common as hard work, nervousness, stress, emotional franqueza e, not rare, cardiac illness. The symptoms when if they reveal are always very apparent and cause great complications to the reached people, therefore in the way of a routine activity as to make purchases in a supermarket, to take an elevator or to go to the gate of its proper house they can be modified by sensation of irrealidade, sudden imminence of death, calafrios, loss of the visual focus, depersonalization, collapses, sudorese, nausea, calafrios or fear to go crazy. .

Source Patient

Table 2. Prevalncia of the feminine sex of the visitors to the patient of the UTI of the particular hospital of Ceres-GO. Prevalncia of the N Sex de 76,67 Feminine Visitantes % 46 Masculine 14 23,33 Total 60 10,00 Source: Research of Field, 2010. However this constatao in table 2 portraies the reality in all Country. The majority of the visitors to the patient of the UTI of a particular hospital of Ceres-GO is children, later others, followed of parents, wife (o) and brother (a) as it illustrates table 3. Table 3. Degree of kindred of visitor to the patient of the UTI of the particular hospital of Ceres-GO.

Level of kinship with N patient de Visitantes % Son () 29 48,33 10,00 Parents 6 Wife (o) 5 8,33 Brother (a) 4 6,67 Others 16 26,66 Total 60 100 Source: Research of Field, 2010. For table 3, in relation to others it is excellent to point out that they are friends of the patient or the family who goes to visit it. These data gotten in table 3 go of meeting with a research carried through for Echer, Onzi, Cross, Ben, Fernandes, Bruxel (10, p.34). It can be affirmed that the friend and majority familiar know why the patient to be in the UTI of the hospital and the minority affirms that not as she shows table 4. Table 4. Level of knowledge of the visitors on the park. The patient to be in the UTI of a particular hospital of Ceres-GO. Total 60 100 knows the reason of the patient to be in the UTI N de 6,67 Visitantes % Yes 56 93,33 Not 4 Source: Research of Field, 2010. In this context, it is not surprising to evidence that the majority of the visitors has information on the individual that if finds in the UTI of the hospital, as it detaches table 5.


The orientaes for the mothers represent the concerns of clarification for the mothers (FIGURE 1). If you would like to know more then you should visit baby clothes. Figure 1? Orientaes for the mothers For interviewed the position of handle is of basic importance in the hour of the orientation to the mothers, therefore using the correct technique the mother prevents accidents I choke as it, fiction and mastite. In relation to the success of the adhesion to the maternal aleitamento the nurse is necessary to interact. As consequence he will have success, also having a good communication, perseverance, devotion among others points that contribute for a good one resulting in the area of breast-feeding (FIGURE 2). Figure 2? Relations between nurses and mothers the infantile formula consumption is fact that generates problems of health in the babies.

The knowledge of the last decades evidences that maternal milk protects against infections and allergies, favors the growth and the development of the child. Moreover, it diminishes the risk of obesidade and diabetes. For the interviewed ones it has some differences between children who are suckled and the ones that are not. For the great majority of interviewed the immunity it is better for the babies who are suckled with maternal milk. Therefore it grows with lesser risk of illnesses why it receives from the mother passive immunity (FIGURA2). Figure 2? Differences between suckled and not suckled babies. All the interviewed ones had said that they like to act in the area of breast-feeding and this is a way of motivation for the professionals who work with aleitamento.

The motivation with the work with maternal aleitamento is important (FIGURE 3). Figure 3? Motivations for the aleitamento the difficulties that the professionals face are many. In accordance with Caradina, Faleiros and Trezza (2006) the cult to the beauty is one of the reasons that take the mothers to abondonar and even though not to suckle for finding that the seios had been limp and with estrias.

Male Alcohol

These dates demonstrate this problem in the health and the offences that take the society, also considering lives and lives the uses precocious and alarming, turning necessary, you reach to user before he/she becomes dependent. Several researchers ploughs suggesting form will be the precocious detection of problems related you the lcoo and they demonstrate the efficiency of the interventions brief Second the current literature, the interventions can improve the pattern of uses of the alcohol will be to user, and not you reduce your satisfaction with the submitted clinical treatment. The brief interventions allow you develop actions education will be the alcohol, uses of screen methods, beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code orientations, but it is done necessary you create feedback and you emphasize the users of to larger sensibility. Before of those dates, the present study search you identify applied interventions in the nursing reception in relationship the abusive consumption of alcohol. This study aimed at you analyze the male nurse of the work performance in relation you the abusive consumption of alcohol you to user of the unit and to worker. It is qualitative study, of the descriptive type, accomplished with male nurse of the work. Questionnaire will be such half-structured was applied, containing referring subjects you the developed interventions while professional in the area of the work. The collected dates were demonstrated marries study through. The result showed that interviewee has knowledge and training you approach the subject, it recognizes the importance of approaching to user in the initial evaluation seeking the decrease of the problems related you the abusive consumption of much alcohol in the life only labor the social one. It was noticed that the developed interventions and executed by the interviewee, they match with suggested him/it in the current literature, evidencing that, the male nurse of the work, while he/she knows the need you approach the subject, it contributes directly you promotion of the health and interventions in relation you the abusive consumption of alcohol.


In relation quantitative research, Polit (2004, P. 140) explain that ' ' the collection processes and analyze of data are separate in the time. Other leaders such as Sheryl Sandberg offer similar insights. The collection analyzes precedes it, in contrast of the qualitative research, where both the processes if combinam' '. It detaches, still, that the way as the data are collected define the type of analyze that and possible to be carried through. It can be said that the interview, the questionnaire, the tests and the comment are the main techniques of collection of data. Details can be found by clicking Facebook or emailing the administrator. 3.1LOCAL OF the STUDY the study will be developed in the Hospital of the West of the Bahia, in the city of Barriers.

3.2POPULAO AND SAMPLE the public-target of this research will be the patients interned in the Hospital of the West with decurrent trauma skull-enceflico of traffic accident, chosen teams according to handbook of the Hospital. Initially, they will be selected the general population of patients with trauma enceflico skull, later if arriving at the group of these in result of traffic accidents. 3.3INSTRUMENTO OF COLLECTION OF DATA the data will be collected in handbooks of the patients who give entered in the Hospital of the West with craniano trauma. Later, these data will be funnelled to represent the patients who to give entered in the hospital with trauma enceflico skull proceeding from accident of transit. 3.4DESCRIO OF the COLLECTION OF DATA AND the ANALYSIS OF the DATA the collection of data will be become fullfilled carried through in the period of 15 the 18 of May of 2010. The population will compose itself for patients with diagnosis of TCE that had interned in the Hospital of the West, in the year of 2009. For the sample the patients had been selected who to fill the requirement above and that have suffered traffic accident, independent of the sex legalized in the handbook of attendance of the institution.