MediaManagementHamburg Opts For “TV 2.0”

MMH MediManagementHamburg (MMH) draws positive balance sheet for 2008 the Hamburg-based communications consultancy MediManagementHamburg (MMH) looks back on a successful year. In particular in the business field of interactive”, a significant growth spurt was realized last year, 2009 should continue. “In the business segment, interactive’ it succeeded in 2008 to become one of the leading consultancy for the field of Web-based TV”, so MMH managing director Jan Wendt. Within a very short time we could win contracts for consulting and implementation of more than 25 customers for Web-based television.” These include consumer goods manufacturers, brand owners and publishers up to providers of sports. We want to and will further expand our central role in the current year. The Web on the TV will be consumer electronics 2009 with security one of the most important trends in the field.

We intensively deal with the opportunities for the advertising industry, as well as for content providers and of course, for consumers”, as Wallace. In fact decisive manufacturers of consumer electronics innovations to the TV 2.0 have at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just past “presents. Now, almost all well-known manufacturers of CE devices offer the possibility to access the TV directly on Web-based content. In addition to news and shopping offers, in particular video on demand and catch up TV services will determine the future of television. “We assume that already in a few years the TV becomes the defining interactive medium.

The linear TV program, as we know it today, will belong to then the past. Completely new ways of advertising will revolutionize therefore the TV market”, so Wallace concluded. The MMH MediManagementHamburg GmbH & co. developed alternative communication concepts and marketing strategies KG for several well-known companies and others in the DTM and formula 1. In addition, MMH is holder of various marketing rights in the field of sport as for example naming rights of sports facilities, international TV rights or even individual athletes. With founding the unit MMH interactive”MMH has become in the last twelve months to one of the largest German agencies in the area of Web-based television” developed. Contact: MMH MediManagementHamburg Ulrike Voss + 49 40 280 953 55 E-Mail Lai & Mr Communication consultants Melanie Voss + 49 40 75 25 77 994