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The presence or absence of pictures – at first glance not the most important thing in the summary. However, under certain circumstances it is quite capable of changing the employer's decision as to whether to invite you for an interview or no. So whether the present picture in cv? Some career counselors believe that putting the photo in the summary is wrong. Others have nothing against. In fact, there is no simple answer: it depends on many factors. If an employer asks to resume attach a photo, then clearly it is needed. Pay only attention to one very important thing: the picture must correspond to its intended use.

This means that no fit photos at home or on vacation, too frivolous, or perhaps deliberately studio, glamorous, etc. Let this be better quality pictures in a modest office attire and surroundings, with a pleasant look and track a friendly smile. If you do not have such a photo, you need to make it. Or if better to send cv without a photo. Of course, all of the above also applies to photos to your profile posted on the site at work. Suppose you have photographed in the right style, as I indicated above. Well, then you can safely insert the photo in the resume.

But please note the following important fact: how will you deliver it to employers? If an e-mail, you must first reduce the image to a file with the cv was not too "heavy." In addition, it will create extra traffic for you and your employer, it is also bad manners. Perhaps you want to print and deliver a summary of his employer or recruitment agency in person or by mail. In this case, you must make sure that the printer was good enough and did not spoil your view of the photo. But for faxed resume with a photograph will not work: the quality is terrible. So this case should have the same resume, but without pictures. Also possible is another situation. It may be that the employer is bad printer prints. Well, this case probably just not a destiny. 🙂 What are the benefits, if there is a summary of the correct picture? To begin with, that all that distinguishes your resume for the background of a "template" the other, already well on its own. Thanks to the photos your resume may be better to remember and faster to find among the mass of the other if necessary. Of course, good photos in the resume will help you find a job, if this vacancy appearance important. For example, for secretaries, promoters, vendors, consultants, etc. Also at many positions that require more experienced and older workers, presentable appearance workers, however, is very important for employers. If you do – a lovely girl, and the employer – a man, it also increases the chances that your resume will pay attention. True, not all recruiters and employers are men, so that the picture in the executive summary can you and stop. Well, I wish you luck in finding a job and is always ready to help!

Work In The Savings Bank. Inside Look

I hate to Sberbank. And no, not because there is slow, and unskilled workers hamovitye. My dad works there and is the antithesis of conventional wisdom. More than 25 years, he has to do with computers. Was excellent programmers, system administrators, who all worked as it should. Broken components under its golden hands came to life, and hung only one of his presence. He loved his job.

Someone they admired, someone is jealous of him in silence, and some intrigues, because my dad – not like everybody else. Southwest Airlines is often quoted on this topic. He did not think like podsidet someone or grab more money, not gossiped, did not break the special equipment and programs, then to repaired under the applause of others. Believe it or not, but my dad really was. Alas, for some unjust laws of the universe such people will sooner or later get a stick in the wheel. Then someone thinks that Dad gets a fair premium. Then lowered into position to push up the right person. Many things happened. 15 years of Pope steadily pushed the love of work.

Thick log in Dad's wheel was literally stick to the Recently, the parent * pi-pi-pi *, which in plain text 'hinted' at resignation. Like, you do not manage, Yury, with their responsibilities. For some reason do not have time for 4 hours to perform their duties volume of which actually is designed for 6-8 hours. Of course, in this case must take into account that part of the duties of your young team-mate hang on you, while it is not clear where the hanging. And do not care that the money for this very part and get it. And do not care that the official regulations in your area should be 2 bet, and you only have 1.5. And you know, for the processing of you no one will pay and will not give was done on. No money! And your sources from the head office are lying, that means allocated. We have here is something like myself get enough money and you really bear For your started pesnionnogo age, higher education with various international certifications, numbering tens of years of work experience to obtain the n-th sum thing then! If that does not like something, nobody is holding you here. And this situation is familiar not only to the pope. Skilled people are fleeing from the , because they give the work force and health, and in response to receiving a kick in the ass. Not everywhere, not always, but they receive. And that sad. What kind of life, then this?