Making Money

Does anyone of us at least sometimes asked myself the question: how to make a million easily and without complications? Many are studying dozens of books and thousands of pages on the Internet, hoping to find the answer to this question, some invent their own methods, and some initially trying to raise their business, ignoring the advice of people experienced. Let's look at a time, as our rich contemporaries get my first nor the last million and What conclusion can make for themselves eager to become rich? Before the applicant at American University, Alex Tew, appeared a very difficult problem: to get money for his education at the university. Nosy user 1000000 invented to sell pixels on his homepage for $ 1 apiece. Many sensed a crazy idea, because These prices do not exist in the history of the Internet, but the method of literate student initiated a huge stir by making Page is very attractive and visited for advertising firms. Eventually he was able to sell the extreme 1000 pixels and get the desired money. Inventor Nick Bays one day thought that to try t so adored him coffee always a pleasure, because It is easy to burn your tongue, and then he created a cap for a cup of coffee, changes its color from brown to bright red depending on the temperature of coffee.

His expertise has been a runaway success, although in reality seems not so complicated thought. D. Reynolds, broke his arm when noticed that when taking a bathroom plaster invariably get wet and not to feel uncomfortable, he decided to buy a special package. but none of the pharmacy he had not found it and took himself for a fully sealed plastic bag, which was mounted on an arm or leg and did not allow moisture to get inside. David now has two million annually in sales of its packages.

Shelly Barrett, sufficient time occupied in the modeling industry, all the time, listened to complaints makeup artists that paint fall ill, and the lashes are not curled, like a doll. Winding it all on the condition, clever girl set up a small cosmetics company, the main commodity of which were those most electric curling curly eyelashes, through which only a few seconds can make a very nice and curled lashes. Owners of small Company Sguare Cat Habitat engaged in manufacturing furniture for cats All the furniture is tested shaggy employees, and if the animals do not use some thing to sell it never comes out. Thus, the company provides an opportunity owners to arrange a place for small pets and diversify interer. what conclusions we could do for yourself? First, you need a great desire to make a million. Secondly, you can not refuse from any ideas arriving in the head, because she may be one of the most successful idea. And of course, you should tune in to the positive outcome of the event. And most importantly – an ability not just to look and see through, analyze, observe and think in the future. Well estesstvenno, importantly perseverance, determination and belief in their cause!

Work And Travel

Work and Travel usa – is in our opinion the best of programs, student exchanges, the 21 st century, which not only allows you to see the world with minimal costs, but also provides an opportunity – to earn. Expenses of the participant of the program Work and Travel is about $ 2000, while the average earnings of about $ 8000. Some, especially the lucky participants in the program manage to bring home up to $ 11,000. This is more than realistic, because the participants Work and Travel usa receive for each hour of work from 6.5 to 12 dollars, and many boys and girls are willing to work overtime or two jobs. So what is this program? As part of the Work Travel students internal branch of the university to work legally in the U.S. during the summer holidays. The main objectives of the program: practice of English language and cultural exchange. Participants receive a visa J-1 and form DC-2019. Raymond W. McDaniel Jr. follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

These documents allow you to work legally in the service sector (shops, cafes, hotels, parks, etc.). In 2008, participated in the program as many as 15,000 Russian students. Terms of Work and Travel usa from May 1 to October 1. Reception of documents for the program begins in August and ends usually in February. Not unimportant fact that, for early registration, students receive significant discounts. For example, the value of Work and Travel usa in August for a few hundred dollars less than the cost of the same program in January. To participate in the program can students who are able to pass a test on English proficiency in Russian secret service, to confirm that they will be able to communicate with the employer in the U.S.

and have an interview at the embassy. Those who go first offer is usually a simple job, requiring expertise not immediately. Usually this job in hotels, shops, parks, recreation and entertainment. Students can work two jobs at once, which increases their income. Official site: Barclays. For example, a full-time maid at the hotel and evening hours at McDonalds. Indisputable leaders in popularity among students are the following positions: waiter, salesman, hostess. Rescuers continue to this rating, cleaners, cooks and retsepshionisty. Keep in mind that an employer is always entitled to terminate contract with a careless worker. But far more often happens on the contrary, that the employer be glad to see the worker next summer. Residential students are generally helps the employer, however, many students who are not happy the cost of looking for housing on their own. Earning Most Russian students do not even realize that work and they will have to compete with an army of immigrants. Number earned dollars will directly depends on your goals and endurance. Payment usually is 7-9 dollars per hour for some jobs, plus tip. A simple calculation shows that with 40 hour working week, monthly salary is not less than $ 1000. Want more? Then you need to work harder! Unpleasant moments In fact, everything is not always so good. The main problems await you: bad neighbors, employers, disease, theft, loss of documents. Remember also that majority in the U.S. comes in 1921, so that one must be careful with alcohol. And finally, what awaits you in the U.S Good salary! Well, a very good salary! Well, just excellent salary!

Higher Education

In this case, there are many newcomers and agencies with very small volumes are sent to study abroad and 50 students per year (data provided by the project Stud ekspress.RU). How, then, graduates with higher education, but for totally different specialty find work in the field of study abroad? First, think about – why you need it. If you have a high demand profession, what you learn and get another one? If you have already decided that the study should then be prepared for that have to learn from the outset, gradually developing the necessary skills and absorbing the information on industry standards. Bank of America Corp. insists that this is the case. Be patient and be persistent: a year before you pass the whole technological cycle company, at least, you'll see its components. For the second year, as a rule, acquire skills of independent work, systematized and interpreted experience. Thus, for two years, you learn the profession. That Next? What are the prospects? Conducting interviews with candidates, I always ask the question about future plans, and what long-term aims is the one who wants to work in the project Stud express. I'm not surprised that the majority of candidates openly communicate their desire to do in the future his educational agency. Is it difficult? How much project management as a whole differs from the management of daily operations? How difficult create a new project from scratch, compared to control already existing ones? Clearly, all three of these levels require different skills, knowledge and skills and involve varying degrees of responsibility.

Summary Image

The presence or absence of pictures – at first glance not the most important thing in the summary. However, under certain circumstances it is quite capable of changing the employer's decision as to whether to invite you for an interview or no. So whether the present picture in cv? Some career counselors believe that putting the photo in the summary is wrong. Others have nothing against. In fact, there is no simple answer: it depends on many factors. If an employer asks to resume attach a photo, then clearly it is needed. Pay only attention to one very important thing: the picture must correspond to its intended use.

This means that no fit photos at home or on vacation, too frivolous, or perhaps deliberately studio, glamorous, etc. Let this be better quality pictures in a modest office attire and surroundings, with a pleasant look and track a friendly smile. If you do not have such a photo, you need to make it. Or if better to send cv without a photo. Of course, all of the above also applies to photos to your profile posted on the site at work. Suppose you have photographed in the right style, as I indicated above. Well, then you can safely insert the photo in the resume.

But please note the following important fact: how will you deliver it to employers? If an e-mail, you must first reduce the image to a file with the cv was not too "heavy." In addition, it will create extra traffic for you and your employer, it is also bad manners. Perhaps you want to print and deliver a summary of his employer or recruitment agency in person or by mail. In this case, you must make sure that the printer was good enough and did not spoil your view of the photo. But for faxed resume with a photograph will not work: the quality is terrible. So this case should have the same resume, but without pictures. Also possible is another situation. It may be that the employer is bad printer prints. Well, this case probably just not a destiny. 🙂 What are the benefits, if there is a summary of the correct picture? To begin with, that all that distinguishes your resume for the background of a "template" the other, already well on its own. Thanks to the photos your resume may be better to remember and faster to find among the mass of the other if necessary. Of course, good photos in the resume will help you find a job, if this vacancy appearance important. For example, for secretaries, promoters, vendors, consultants, etc. Also at many positions that require more experienced and older workers, presentable appearance workers, however, is very important for employers. If you do – a lovely girl, and the employer – a man, it also increases the chances that your resume will pay attention. True, not all recruiters and employers are men, so that the picture in the executive summary can you and stop. Well, I wish you luck in finding a job and is always ready to help!