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SCAN Presented

The disgnostic criteria used currently for the diagnosis of the schizophrenia have as base the CID 10 that they place the presence of characteristic symptoms for a significant portion of time during the period of 1 month (or less, if treated successfully), as: Deliriums; Hallucination; Disorganized speech; Disorganized or catatnico behavior; Negative symptoms, that is, affective embotamento and others. On these symptoms a research in 24 was elaborated mdiuns for the 3 SCAN, a type of psychiatric interview standard and for DDIS (Dissociative Disorders Interview Schedule). Scale DDIS investigates the first-class presence of 11 symptoms for the schizophrenia diagnosis. Mdiuns had presented, on average, four of them, but the presence of the symptoms did not indicate the existence of no insanity; The report also it says: ' ' Moreover, they also they had presented a good social adequacy and they had demonstrated to better have a mental health that of the population in general ' '. It did not have […]


Crossbar Streets

In the principle it was the Verb and the Verb was with God and the Verb was God. Joo 1:10 the Verb was in the world, the world was made by intermediary ' ' Of it ' ' . The Verb means the word. Gnesis, Chapter 1:3. God said: he has light. had light. Let us start this article for investigating ' ' Genese' ' described in the bible. The verbs are defined traditionally as the words that indicate action, state or phenomenon of the nature, used also to bind subject to the preached o. We can compare the Biblical verb what the philosopher of the century XVII Spinoza flame of power to act, God for Spinoza is the infinite substance that manifest its essence through infinite attributes and qualities. The attributes must separately be understood, one never depend on the other, even so all depend on the substance, that is, each express attribute one has left different and invariant […]