Point Life

All this fully applies to a community of people, and to each person individually. Everything in life is natural – a brick falls on my head just then when necessary, and to whom must fall. Future as a foregone conclusion, and invariably, as the past. We just think that we have freedom of choice, but this is an illusion. Search for universal human sense of life – a futile exercise, everyone finds their meaning, according to its education, culture, ethical, aesthetic and moral principles.

Any event in life – it's just an event. Life – it's just life. A man accustomed to look at everything from different points of view; good – bad, unethical – not ethical, humanely – not humane. And the way he looks at things that affect the historical culture of a society in which he lives, education and, of course, life experience. What for one person is normal and acceptable – then another can not be taken in the bud. Since dietary habits of the tribe of cannibals – a normal person, of modern civilization, but horror is no other emotions cause they can not. People may not be identical views. Story about one and the same, two people can be totally opposite.

Everyone defends his point of view, believing that only he is right. Each has its own, though. Much depends on the outlook on life, but the point is that whether good or bad, good or bad – is a single entity, and no one was no different. Not falling – not rising. To rise – it is necessary first to fall. Without lies there would be no truth, no parting there would be no meetings and no losses had no findings. And without crime, we would not know that such a penalty. The existence of evil is as necessary and inevitable, and good. Death. In the early life of death is something that is not real, but, eventually, get used to its inevitability, though, to accept the it can never be. Following the simple logic of things, it seems that someone was also born, he also had to die. To think that your older friends, relatives, parents, leave early – you can get used to, although it is scary, but still is terrible and unjust death of those who are younger than you and especially your children. Life. When suddenly you realize that you yourself have been there, where usually do not come back, and could not return – that is your view on everything around changed radically. What seemed important – not much, but small and seemingly insignificant, turns out to be, what ought to live. Stairway to heaven at everyone. Someone is only one step, and someone goes and goes and does not see