The main agent of the alcohol is etanol (etlico alcohol). The consumption of the alcohol is old, drunk As: wine and beer possuam low alcoholic content, a time that passed for the fermentation process. Other types of alcoholic beverages had appeared later, with the destillation process. Although the alcohol to possess great social acceptance and its consumption to be stimulated by the society, is a psicotrpica drug that acts in the central nervous system, being able to cause dependence and change in the behavior. When consumed in excess, the alcohol is seen As a health problem, therefore This excess is entirely on the traffic accidents, violence and alcoholism (dependence picture). The effect of the alcohol are perceived in two periods, one that it stimulates and another one that gets depressed.

In the first period it can occur euphoria and desinibio. No longer as moment occurs uncontrols, lack of motor coordination and sleep. The acute effect of the consumption of the alcohol are felt in agencies As the liver, heart, vases and stomach. In case of suspension of the consumption, the syndrome of the abstinence, characterized for mental confusion, vises, anxiety, tremors and convulsions can also occur. Metodolgicos procedures to operacionalizar the intervention project ' ' group reflection? in the ad CAPS primavera' ' , that it will be carried through with a group of users, together with the familiar gift in the ad CAPS Spring, situated in the Street Guarapari S/N, quarter: Atalaia, in Aracaju? if.

A dynamics of integration directed toward groups will be applied, therefore the intention is to show the importance of the interaction of groups of people in the daily one. Where we will lock up the activities with a snack, to all the gifts in the meeting. In accordance with (Albigenor and Milito, 1999) the Dynamic expression of Group appeared for the first time in an article published for Kurt Lewin, in 1944 where it dealt with the practical theory and in social Psychology.