Small Critical To ‘ ‘ To Be Sustentvel’ ‘

Small critical to ' ' To be Sustentvel' ' More than what only one heading searched for companies, the support if became a behavior standard. Today the companies are sustainable, the products are sustainable, the people are sustainable. A great part of the population believes that the sustainable politics summarizes in recycling and reforestation. The VESTIBULE OF the SUPPORT brings following the meaning: SUPPORT IS a CONCEPT SISTMICO (very used this term well), RELATED WITH THE COTINUIDADE OF SOCIAL, CULTURAL, ECONOMIC AND AMBIENT THE ASPECTS OF THE SOCIETY HUMAN BEING. But what this really means in the practical one? We go to leave of a primordial concept. According to dictionary, SUSTAINABLE is something that if can keep, to support. That is, something that if can support without damages the structure.

Following this line of reasoning, a sustainable company, for example, the structure of this way is that one that if installs in an environment without causing no damage, either social, ambient or economic. As the fashion now it is to be ambiently sustainable the only point that the society analyzes is this! Company X is considered example in support, therefore it liberated millions of tons of gases greenhouse, but it fought the emissions planting some trees. This type of propaganda arrives to be a little revoltante! What we see today is not a sustainable system, but a system of compensations (it takes off of a side and recoloca of another one); being that the correct one would be to restitute what was removed in such a way that the environment could continue if SUPPORT of satisfactory form, as made before the disturbance. Beyond planting more trees we need to plant new ideas!