I see that the others also pass for similar problems to mine, all we have the same objective of emagrecer and we learn with the others, hearing what each one brings for the group, to come here helps not desistir’ ‘. (S1) ‘ ‘ The incentive to see the other people who emagrecem …. Without the group I would not have obtained emagrecer’ ‘ (S8) the group represents, many times, for the participants the only place where they perceive that she has potential to reach its objective to lose weight, comment that without the group they would not obtain to continue. As it points Ribeiro (1999. p.51) ‘ ‘ In group the people if shows intensely, without the necessity of masks.

The face the face facilitates the meeting with verdade’ ‘. It can be observed then that the participants of the group of alimentary re-education, in diverse ways, start to mean ones for the others very. Seven (7) participants comment that they perceive the group as of great importance in its life. They tell that without the group they would not obtain the progress that is obtaining participating of the same, S8 says: ‘ ‘ Without the group, I do not see no perspective to continue keeping the restriction in my feeding and perhaps engordar’ would come back; ‘ The cohesion also was a characteristic presented in the group, where the participants if identify with the other, accepting them and understanding them. As Vinogradow and Yalon leave clearly (1992. P. 25), ‘ ‘ the cohesion of the group mentions the attraction to it that the members have between itself and for proper grupo’ ‘. The identification with the group seems to be essential for the reinforcement and promotion of the integration and a relationship of confidence between the members.