Experiences Relationships

Every day it has relationships starting and relationships finishing, and the doubt that is the following one: ' ' it will be that the majority is possible to have true relationships in fact if of that or they are happening or they had happened had not given certain in virtue of problems and failures in meeting? ' ' True relationships are possible since that you know to take off advantage of the last experiences. The biggest error that the majority of the people commits is not to know that for backwards of each difficulty, that for brings of each failure experiment if it finds hidden a disfarada blessing. We go to reason together. It imagines if that time that you tried to be with somebody and did not obtain of this certainty. It only imagines as all the events that had come after that fact would be radically different.

A thing is certain and few know, the human beings develop much fiber and resistance after an emotionally frustrating episode, therefore such episodes make with that you observe more the next similar situations, judge the facts with more exactness and not comet the same errors for one second time. Citing a reasoning line that happens with the majority of the men we can observe clearly what he is being described in this article. Until the 15 years the man little is interested itself for relationships. Of the 15 to the 20, in its majority the men want to try all type of ralacionamento. Of the 21 to the 25 it is the phase that the man searchs with all its forces a steady and lasting relation, in this phase the man is strong sensible to the questions you affect to life two. Of the 26 to the 35 years, if the man arrives single in this phase, hardly it thinks about marriage questions as it thought, because the set of experiences that it acquired in the previous phases of the life takes it the conclusion of that the life of bachelor, and momentary relationships is the best option.