BBB Participants

BBB VIP Democracy is this there, each one votes in who wants, chooses its leaders, those that will be the pensante head? That it will govern to them. Each one chooses as its aptitudes, following proper criteria, concepts that had been repassed to it. Thus, I ask I eat Brazil, yes because he does not advance to speak that it was not Brazil, because almost seventy and eight million votes is a considerable slice of this cake, allowed that Golden Marcelo was in the house of the Big Brother Brazil 10. But, without more questionings on the quality or absence of this in what if he relates to the content of the BBB what he is latent it is the trend that Brazilian we have to vote wrong. Yesterday the nazista smile of left Golden me infuriated, the moicano declares in national net its more diverse forms of preconceptions, its desumano treatment with that is different of its person, cries out in good tone its headquarters to spank its colleague of confinement, the Anglica lesbian, and exactly thus Brazil considered for good that meigo youngster would have to continue in the dispute for prize of 1,5 Real million. Then that the sovereign will of the Brazilian Nation is made, but if it is thus, the least we could ask for way to twitter, to the Boninho scholar, that was inserted in the game other illustrious participants. But who? Yes, because the names are many, but I was a good time thinking and decided to think, after all of accounts the democracy I allow such attitude me. Thus I convoked Jose Robert Arruda, former-governor of the Federal District, Pablo Octvio, who after ephemeral days also already are former of the Federal District, the defendant to assassinate young Alcides student of the Birth, that exactly being son of a catadora of garbage obtained to pass in first place in the vestibular contest of a Federal University, I also invited, of legal age, now young one that Joo participated of the murder of the boy Helium and that already is in freedom and enjoying of the privileges of the Program of Protection the Victim, could not leave to also invite the Champinha nobleman, assassin I confess of the young Philip Hisses Caff and Liana Bei Friedenbach.

Now it arrives, I believe that these new participants will be capable to apimentar a little more the game. In the luxury house I will leave the new participants, after all of accounts mother taught that the visits always must receive best pieces from chicken, to sleep in the best colches and can be with the remote control. In ‘ ‘ puxadinho’ ‘ I will leave the veterans, them already had usufructed excessively of the great house, must now try senzala. But, what it goes to be daqui pra front? I imagine that the rules of the program will be broken and are well probable that let us have you intrigue apimentadas more between the confined ones. But, the conjecturas leave of side and only cry out ALIVE the DEMOCRACY! Landmarks Andres Hiss Oliveira Professor of Portuguese Language Peter Alfonso Tocantins.