Hope Stones

We quickly raced among the rocky mountains. They reluctantly parted, revealing the pristine world of rapid rivers, bush and philosophically silent stones. And here is our employee – Kate clung to the glass car and said, "Here it is, first pilgrim, Volodya is coming! ". The driver slowed down. Photographer – Vladimir Stepanovich smiled, opened his window and waved a friendly man with a backpack. He looked up at us and sparkling eyes greeted him. On this day, Volodya overcome at least fifty miles, and in the next four days will be another two hundred. Additional information is available at David Fowler. We will remain a mystery to many pairs of shoes and how much it will erase the "worn out" of information, reflecting on his past life …

but I do clearly saw that he was going to a new life is incredibly confident and enthusiastic. Its progress, it seems, no longer hindered or drug dependency, nor heat, nor the "Stone Souls", which he chose at the beginning of treatment in the clinic Dr. Nazaraliev and now carried it to the mountain of Salvation Tashtar Ata … I saw one more important, in my opinion, a thing. The fact that by the end of the course not only medical personnel but also the employees of media – of incredible, "take a strong liking" to the patients.

They share all their victories and failures as their own. Sincerely, without pathos … What a breath of REAL in this situation, from this planned and at the same time some unexpected meeting, which probably could not have happened in other circumstances. After a short interview with Vladimir, he had to hurry to the mountain Tashtar-Ata, where another group has already run its course and was ready to leave his stones. – Volodya, with what thoughts you overcome your way? – First thinking about how to catch up with the group, then as soon walk.


Surgery – an area of clinical medicine that studies disease and injury, which are treated with chiropractic (manual) or instrumental (operational) methods. Surgery is developing these techniques and regulates the conditions their safe and effective use. Zendesk insists that this is the case. Surgery consists of these sections – private (cardiovascular, abdominal, neurologic, endocrine, thoracic, and others), emergency and general surgery. Direction Development of modern surgery is a minimally be applied to trauma patients. This area of application is based surgery using endoscopic techniques, or, in other words, the endoscopic Surgery, which includes the carrying out of surgical operations with the robot. The word 'surgery', translated from Greek, means "rukodeystvie." Such a literal translation means that the earlier understanding of the surgery was of purely practical nature, ie surgery was seen as a branch of healing and treatment methods which were carried out only by hand or with tools. In our time of surgery of the original understanding, existed before, has progressed and developed into a self-sufficient, one of the leading, and medical disciplines.

Surgeon now need deep knowledge of the biological sciences that underpin all modern medical science. Proceeding from this surgery is both a science and art. The main purpose of surgery is to help the patient, and for that of a surgeon requires the ability to use all the technical techniques, and whether it will be bloodless or bloody surgery is no longer essential, and this is art. In modern surgery uses the principle of the synthesis of practice and theory. Using in their daily practice work of theoretical subjects, in turn enriches their own surgery facts and observations obtained during the operations, which, in turn, are experiments on living human being. This interaction between experiment and clinic in any medical discipline is not this more apparent, as in surgery.

Mankinds Disease

Prostatitis – an inflammation and enlargement of the prostate, called prostate. Currently, an increasing number of adult men sick syndrome, enlarged prostate, which we simply refer to as prostatitis. For a long time prostatitis were not given proper attention, as it is believed that its presence does not threaten human life, is to study the disease, did not make much sense. But now, one of the priorities Modern medicine is increasingly becoming a study of quality of life. And according to recent studies, it was found that the prostate does not only affect human health, but also on its social and psychological component, that it greatly reduces the quality of life. Another big mistake is a medical fact that the prostate appears due to bacterial infection. Some physicians and to this day believe that's the case, despite the fact that in practice is not always the case.

Statistics conducted on it was found that prostatitis, caused by bacterial infection, finds its place in only 10% of all official cases. Today related mainly to work on the computer, as well as people who "pull" of gravity. The second group of factors include sexual violation of a person's life. This includes not only long-term abstinence from sex, but also artificial increase, and interrupt intercourse. And the third group, as stated above, carry the infection. Source: Gary Kelly. How do you know whether you are sick of prostatitis? Generally speaking, you can not say for sure, you can just assume it. Prostatitis is accompanied by the following symptoms: – slow urination, accompanied in some cases, pain. – Burning sensation during intercourse.

– Frequent urination. – Fever – chills and lower sexual desire. – Heat around genitals – back pain. Although each of the above symptoms may occur due to any other disease, the appearance of several symptoms better see a doctor. Prostatitis is an insidious is that it does not always occur, accompanied by severe symptoms such as burning sensation or temperature. Prostatitis can appear silently and proceed to the chronic form, and you even know you will not, that you have prostatitis. Prostatitis can not run. Over time, it will become only more power and become more vivid. It is better not to bring their prostates up to this point, and immediately see a specialist. Now urgent treatments for prostate ultrasound is considered, reflexology, and sometimes used a method of treatment with leeches. However, do not be as effective as a treatment for prostate herbs. Although, if you have a sharp prostatitis, then you always have to go to the hospital. Your doctor may prescribe you a diet that will increase your chances of recovery. But with chronic prostatitis, it is much more complicated, since it is difficult to treat modern methods. Plus, chronic prostatitis takes much longer than acute and much more painful. Not a good idea to help modern medicine in the treatment of prostatitis by traditional medicine. Treatment of prostatitis folk remedies has a very powerful beneficial effects. Dam is another great piece of advice: do daily exercises for the treatment of prostatitis, and you will never be his. This is confirmed by the experience of some people are cured prostatitis using simple exercises and for many years not even remember him. Here is briefly what kind of exercise. Every morning make a massage of the perineum, for 5 minutes. This activates the circulation day will be held not less than 5 kilometers.