Companies in the current scenarios are manifested with products that present an optimal quality, satisfying the needs and demand of consumers. To do this, management has been watchful regarding the competitive advantages that competitiveness presents, in order to give feedback through re-engineering everything that favours him in their production processes and ensure a product that is highly competitive. The program of you graduate specializing in management of the quality and productivity of Faces, of the University of Carabobo, is identified with participants to not neglected the important, relevant which is reengineering in pro take step to highly competitive products and have a favourable productivity that guarantees satisfaction on demand, reach costs that give step at affordable prices. Professor of managerial topics of introductory course to integrate into the formal program of this specialty, emphasis on analyzing the scope and implications of engineering. Forums, organized talks and discussed case studies that allow to determine the importance of knowing how to properly use the reengineering, in this regard, the participant Emili Ruiz believes, will be aware, that this concept of reengineering was born due to the fact that many organizations have been forced to find new forms and different from the traditional methods to develop their work, due to the growth and challenges of a highly competitive market and the changing environment. Today the world due to the influence of globalization faces a highly open scenario in which there are characteristics that are essential that organizations take into account such as: customers, change and competition; in fact before this type of environment is necessary high levels of quality, large reductions in costs, efficiencies, and higher levels of productivity. Says Ruiz, reengineering has brought with it many advantages in organizations in order to obtain optimum achievements in the performance; the following are some points on which favours the Re-engineering organizations: 1. It radically redesigns business processes. .