Mendoza is a bountiful land in different natural landscapes. Mountains, rivers, lakes, and even the mendocinos deserts are provided generously for the practice of all varieties of tourism adventure. Tourism adventure is one of the main branches of the Mendoza economy, with scenarios located by experts from different countries in various disciplines. Causes to make this happen are multiple. But not only are wonderful landscapes that Captivate tourists from all over the world, but who are also a complete tourist infrastructure that can deliver a wide range of services to close to it. Who practices tourism adventure you want to travel and explore different types of land, entering in this way maximum contact with nature in a way not mediated, and gaining an experience that is difficult to convey with words.

A clear example of this is the mountaineering, and Mendoza is a paradise for mountaineers. Within the cordillera of the Andes, it should be emphasized to the silver cord, a section of it where the highest peaks are located in the continent. Without a doubt, a permanent attraction for those who seek to test their own personal limits. And within the silver lace we have a highly valued peak for those who practice the escalation of mountains: cerro Aconcagua. Only to practice tourism, adventure is not precise to go to these lengths. Cycling is a lot of paths and circuits outlined for an enjoyable and safe practice at Mendoza. Departing from the city of Mendoza can be different excursions aboard a bicycle, as for example the legendary wine route, whereby you can visit several wineries and vineyards in the vicinity of the city… Rural tourism is also interesting proposals in this province in argentina.

Chacras de Coria, one of the most outstanding in Mendoza for rural tourism areas is very close to the capital city. Here there are numerous rural establishments, such as farms or stays, which allow the visitor to truly know how it is the life of the field, and the development of rural typical products Argentines. It is also possible to make horseback riding by the beautiful valleys from Mendoza, offered its splendor and its biodiversity who runs it. They can organize short excursions, as well as embarking on the crossing of the Andes on horseback, which demanded a few eight-day voyage.