ARP Workers

As it is known the society moves thanks to the constant work that people perform on different fields of action which allow the continuous development and acquisition of better living conditions through the production of goods or for the provision of certain services, in addition to carrying out work obtains economic compensation that rewards services that workers make to their employers; However within the realization of works and work not everything always mean gain and benefit conditions for employees, since on many occasions by the same provision of the services to an employer, workers may be exposed to some risks arising from their professional activity, whether by way of accident or as a result of the formation of a disease directly related to the activity carried out. To address this you must create entities which address the different hypotheses that are generated of labor activity, so the funds of occupational hazards can be found with which they replace the costs of accidents or illnesses; but we must also highlight the figure of the ARP, since this will be responsible for the administration of the funds of occupational hazards, providing security to employees who have a certain amount of money that will give you an economic livelihood in their favor before the occurrence of a serious fact that deteriorate or stop for a time its normal compliance activities.An ARP, will then be a professional risk manager, which will have as a main purpose to prevent, address and protect workers who are linked to the ARP, accidents and diseases caused inside or as a consequence of work activity that develop.The selection of the ARP that will serve the workers, is free and voluntary for the employer.The main functions that meet the entities that are within the classification of ARP, include: affiliate with workers from different companies offering their services. the ARP was in charge of managing the contributions that workers to the general system of occupational hazards and protection. funds perform by reason of the foregoing, is derived from the ARP activity required to ensure at any time and with the best conditions the recognition of the various benefits of welfare character in case of the occurrence of an occupational disease in those linked to the ARP and if necessary also provide economic benefits as result of occupational accidents that generate the people certain disability conditions, whether partial or total, besides addressing the time of incapacity resulting from accident or disease professional. as one of the main features that must have an ARP is to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, the ARP must constantly engage in activities of prevention of occupational hazards, making promotion of different means which avoid or reduce the occurrence of accidents or diseases within the work area.