Attraction Marketing

This new strategy mainly divided it into 3 key elements: 1. training: previously not it invested absolutely nothing in my training, I wanted to learn only through free resources, and trial and error, I thought that you doing what he was doing, my network was going to start to grow increasingly fast, but not until after a few months was me di account that spent time and my network was somewhat stagnant, therefore was doing something wrong, and if I wanted to get ahead needed to invest in a good course about MLM. Enter to MUNMI (my University of business MLM Online), I began to change my way of working, and since then more well I lack time to follow all the courses that would like to buy, and now never think to let me train. 2 Attraction Marketing: This means that rather than be promoting our business like crazy and chasing people so that they join with us, we must create Internet presence, create relationships with other people in the Middle, create trust, position ourselves as experts in our niche market, so that in this way, are people that we find on the Internet, and Saudades we ask, we buy or join with us. This can be done through blogs, social networks, youtube, etc., promoting our personal brand, i.e., to ourselves as individuals, rather than promote our business, or our products directly. 3 Subscriber lists: it is always good to have pages with forms of catch landing with an autoresponder, or insert these same forms in your blogs, offering something in return, in this way can save emails from people interested in what you offer, since it may be that at the moment does not buy you anything, but you stay with your emails and your permission to send them emails, and therefore can be tracked, by sending them letters of sale scheduled, thus increasing the chances that you buy or join with you.