The contract once made the reservation, the next step is the contract of sale within the periods stipulated in the reserve. It is a document which describes clearly the housing and through which the seller undertakes to his delivery and the buyer to pay a price for it. re of the situation. You can implement through a private contract between the parties, which is binding and valid among them, but recommended that it rises to public deed, i.e. who signs up a notarial document and that you enroll in the registry of property. Notarial writing and record the formal act of buying and selling is done through a contract signed before a notary public deed called. This Scripture, after pay the corresponding taxes and takes the property registry.

The registry can only access public deeds and other documents of a legal or administrative nature, but never a private contract. It is therefore important that the sale is made in notarial deed. The writing describes perfectly: situation, characteristics, spaces adjacent, boundaries, surface, price, payment method and all conditions concerning the possible deferral of payment and conditions, if any. The processing of the documents notarized, payment of taxes and expenditure, as well as pre-and post-test, efforts is usually carried out by an administrative manager who ensures the proper conduct and within the legal deadlines of all procedures. The original of the deed of sale, once settled charges and inscribed, is for the purchaser. CLAROLINEDOCN FOR THE D?To the signature to the day of the signing of the public deed before a notary it is very important that we find advance provided to notary public all the necessary documentation for the correct identification of buyer, seller and the housing situation to buy, for the elaboration of the public deed although some can provide the same day of the signing.

Items needed are: the seller: – national identity document in force – writing of home ownership – Certificate to be current in the payment of the I.B.I. – certificate of being current in payment of receipts of the Community – certificate of cancellation of mortgage, if any. The purchaser: – national identity document in force – Cheque for the payment of housing and proof of payments on account in case if any.