Checklist For An Excerpt Part 1 / 2

This article a is used to briefly overview which tool you need to perform the most basic work. It is for everyone as far as sooner or later – the excerpt is. In this article it should go however to housing or recommendations for this, but this article start from an existing apartment. Here, I want to give a small overview on what one advance should think about driving to avoid the constant back and forth. In my opinion thats all, I mean really of all most important a reasonable set of screwdrivers. In the course of the move, you need screwdriver of varying sizes again.

Also, you should have cross – and -tip screwdriver at hand. We start with the Elimination of the previous tenant: mostly older carpets are installed, they must be laboriously removed. Therefore it is extremely helpful to have a sharp knife in the House – I recommend a knife in that you can pinch razor blades. The old carpet in the House can stay if necessary and the new laminate on it is transferred. This is very important to make sure the carpet is really dry and no moisture under the laminate can collect. This could have “unpleasant consequences’ that you usually do without…

To remove the existing skirting a trowel to prise is also useful, because often are likely to bind this unfortunately and can be removed only with a little violence. We swing is just the spatula on hand to replace wallpaper. When we had to solve the last time in a room of 70 m wallpaper from the wall, this has proved very successful: we bought an ordinary car sponge at the hardware store and in the middle cut through these => very cheap. In addition, wallpaper remover was bought – unfortunately with chemistry, but in my opinion inevitable. We of course very sparingly use the chemical. Is the chemical/water mixture in a 5L bucket with the help of a sponge froth, froth that so is the whole bucket full of foam. We have this foam then really thick on the wallpaper applied. We were skeptical, but the foam must be applied really thick. This moves completely in about 10 minutes. When the foam was applied thick enough and well fed, even multi-tiered wall-paper with the help of the spatula in a train from the wall are solvable. In addition to his studies, the author – Karl Meyer – cheap writes smaller articles for sites such as E.g. chairs.