Director Of Marketing

For the professor of the department of Direction of Marketing of Esade, Ismael Valle’s, which happens with the Spanish citizens is attitude problem. Besides being an attitude problem, it will be a problem more for the struck public accounts of Spain that will have to do in front of an increasing number of liabilities without sufficient income for its subsistence. Although they had desire to save, at the moment, the critical situation that lives the economy on Spain with a rate of unemployment that in just a short time will surpass more to 20% of Poblacin Econmicamente Activa (PEA), does not exist too much capacity to do it. It is in clear that it is not that the Spanish families do not have investment alternatives, but the lack of brings back to consciousness and financial knowledge are what prevents to take the determination to resign part of the present consumption to consume in the future. It is even possible to be said that the crisis is striking with greater force the families because they have not known to save the sufficient thing to face difficult times, who seemed to have been in the forgetfulness. For the foresighted ones, those that think about making sure a good one for happening in the retirement stage and have decided to separate some Euros to invest in the Spanish stock market, surely will be enjoying 28.5% of yield that the IBEX35 accumulates until the moment, yield that can to reach a maximum of 73.4% for those who understood the behavior of the market and decided to enter when it was in its minimum. The yield reached about the IBEX35 is still greater than the observed one at first if the strong appreciation is considered that has experienced the Euro in relation to main currencies, especially, in front of the American dollar, which increases the spending power of the European currency. .