Emergency Trip To Moscow

Our visit to Moscow this time was unplanned. In the morning the chief said that the need to urgently address the issue regarding the allocation of budget to continue filming. Something was not docked, and it was necessary promptly provide copies to the center of expense receipts and copies of already recorded material. Plane ticket was booked immediately, with the return back today late at night. So, in Moscow was to stay only six hours, including a trip from the airport into the city and in the evening back to the airport. Puzzle Moscow colleagues meeting at the airport was not quite convenient. We are usually greeted and escorted through the city, but travel is usually planned in advance, and then for three hours! The problem goes away the easiest way. Going into the ‘Net on the way to the airport, I visited the site, the Moscow transport companies offering car rental with driver. Said the flight number and time arrival at Vnukovo Airport. Prices, sounded to me on the phone, tell the truth, I was somewhat puzzled, because were very low. It was providing me with new cars, high class and in my choice. I asked because such low prices, and received in response to info about the company’s policy, associated with substantial discounts for long-term lease of the car, calmly sat on the plane. The aircraft has unfolded on the field of Vnukovo airport, and I just managed to include mobile phone, the bell rang. It was the driver of the car I ordered. He was already near the airport and when I came out of the terminal building, not have to wait a minute. On this day, I was able to visit, in addition to the main office, and even studio up and running, which periodically called up on various technical issues, but never visited. Unexpectedly useful was this, unplanned first visit. vip taxi driver to plan a route so optimally that the traditional Moscow’s traffic jams, this time I almost did not notice. Even have time to dine in a restaurant, although expect only a cup of coffee. Already on the way back to airport, I asked the driver’s business card company and decided that the case be sure to take advantage of her services again. So convenient and easy to get this unplanned trip to Moscow.