Federal State

Garden sheds are not generally permit free first, it depends on size and type. Who would like to purchase a garden that faces a variety of regulations. Building permits on federal, country and community levels, and neighbourly issues therefore demand a thorough preparation. Garden sheds are not generally permit free first, it depends on size and type. Includes in addition to the classic wooden house large playhouses for children or the trendy Treehouse.

All questions rules depending on the Federal State nationwide laws as well as the rules down to the individual municipality. And the zoning of the land must be studied also exactly. Calculated it on the one hand the Interior in the authority German: the M2 volume, on the other hand especially outside height and width. In many places, the Interior may not occur as a lounge. It is suitable only as a shed, or for storing garden equipment. It is also in some federal countries permit-free House without concrete foundation there. A possible other reason: space problems require special permits on a small plot of land.

There are rules, how many meters of border to the neighbors may be built at all as a whole. Is crucial whether already limit cultivations were taken to the neighbors. The strict regulations to impact the dismemberment of harmonious urban planning intentions contrary to. The numerous regulations are often confusing for lay people. The first way normally to the neighbors. Who already fightin’ a sunflower nodding over the fence, you will get problems. This is even truer, putting up becomes more difficult from the outset due to space limitations, unfavorable locations, and other features. A plaintive neighbor has the best chances to get through before the Court with his request for repair or even removal of the evil. Already a centimeter too much can be expensive. Properly prepare instead expensive repair that in addition each State and each community bringing out their own regulations, makes the thing that is not simple. Hardly a DIY indicates how difficult the individual can make. Specialists such as the Garden House provider gsp-gartenhaus.de from Berghulen advise their customers to this tricky topic. Where only a few cubic metres are allowed within the settlements, the other authority approved slightly double. May the a Garden House within the settlements is easily available, it gets outside difficulties; Allotment settlements are excluded, subject to the special rules. So the right approach can mean only: Select House, talk to the neighbors, a plan to take on the Office and inspected the freedom of construction of or authorization.