Feng Shui

If you feel that your work and career, there is no progress, you need to change the interior design of your office according to feng shui. You may not believe in feng shui, but you are in any case will not hurt. Guidance on changes One reason for the lack of progress in your work may be stagnant qi. Qi – is the vital energy that permeates the entire universe and surrounds us. The basic principle of qi is as follows: everything that exists in the world, has this vitality and connected to it. How it Onoshi to your work? When you work, qi is blocked. Change interior design your office according to feng shui and qi free.

Placing your desktop: 1. Put your desktop so that before you had a door, and behind you – the wall. No need to put a table directly opposite the door, because that way you will find yourself on the path of "harmful chi. 2. If you can not change the location his desk, put a large plant or on the floor near the table, or a small plant directly on the table. This will protect you and your work from the bad chi. 3. Hang a picture of a landscape on the wall, which is behind you – this will give you the support of the chi, which you will be more productive and successful at work. Be organized – this is an absolute necessity. Mess on the table means a mess in my head.