Intolerance Of Vitamin B 12 – The NAET Treatment Concept

Help with allergies and intolerances vitamin B-12 is important for the joy of life and a positive mood. It promotes positive reactions to stress and keeps mental freshness and activity. The main features include the blood formation, nerve protection and cell growth. Vitamin B-12 belongs to the Group of Kobalamine and contains the trace element cobalt. The body can not synthesize the vitamin and must absorb it from food. In the stomach, the vitamin to a particular protein binds the so-called intrinsic factor then in the small intestine with the help of calcium in the blood stream to be recorded. The body can store very well the vitamin, so deficiency symptoms appear only after years.

B-12 vitamin is mainly in animal products contain, such as meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk products, but also in beans, peas, ginger and mushrooms happen. Blood formation and cell division without vitamin B-12 no new cell vitamin B-12 is the formation of red blood cells required. Disorders of vitamin B-12 Metabolism can occur to a disturbed blood formation or anemia. The vitamin on the education of heritage materials and General cell division is also involved. Vitamin B-12 helps here to transfer information from the old nucleus of the new nucleus. So the vitamin plays a key role in all growth processes in the body. Without vitamin B 12 nerves nerves blank neurotropen vitamins and vitamin B-12 is a nerve protective vitamin. The protective coating of nerve cells throughout the body is the myelin sheath.

Without an adequate supply of vitamin B-12, this layer will be degraded and the nerves are thin-skinned. In the muscles, it can cause numbness, tingling up to paralysis. Possible symptoms for disorders of vitamin B-12 metabolism in the mental health field are up to neurological breakdown phenomena, nervousness and irritability or fatigue and exhaustion, memory and concentration, age senility, depression, mood swings Confusion States and psychiatric symptoms. The NAET treatment concept under intolerances are not optimal reactions of the body to a particular substance understood. Intolerances generally with the muscle response testing from the Kinesiology are individually tested within the framework of the NAET treatment concept. A vitamin may cause adverse reactions to B-12 by various diseases and symptoms, such as vitamin B 12 deficiency symptoms, allergic reactions, hives, drop in blood pressure or heart palpitations, atopic dermatitis, asthma, atherosclerosis, and a variety of mental symptom complexes. Basis of the NAET treatment concept is the realization that incompatibilities are controlled by the brain. The brain assigns to an enemy State food ingredients or other substances, which will be implemented by the body’s immune system. The correction is the brain to cause to raise the status of the enemy. This communication can be achieved in the treatment with NAET. The NAET concept is a standalone Therapy method, which relies on elements from various areas of Western, Eastern and alternative medicine, such as Kinesiology, traditional Chinese medicine, and chiropractic. Vitamin B-12 belonging to program B-complex, and thus of the ten most important incompatibilities in addition to cereals, eggs, vitamin C and A, iron, calcium and group minerals, salt and sugar in the NAET to the vitamin. The treatment of this essential and important for the health of substances can be strengthened the immune system and optimizes the metabolism of the body. The NAET treatment concept can contribute to intolerance and associated disease imagery and symptom complexes to reduce or eliminate. Melanie Prinner MA healer