Joint Diseases

Avoid a “kickback” can also be by exception dangerous sectors of the process of sawing. In practice this is done with the help of another special panel that covers the end of the headset and does not allow the tool “kick.” However, this method is used much less frequently than the installation of a chain brake. Moreover, the end portions of the tires of most Swedish chainsaw (Husqvarna, Jonsered, Partner) deliberately left open. The reason – the Scandinavian safety standards provide for the possibility of the end of the bus. Woodsman fells a tree about the same as before sliced bread in the village: first, ‘bites’ at the end of the tree bus, and then passes it around.

In a similar way you can bring down a tree whose diameter is twice the length of the bus. Prolonged work with vibrating tools without adequate protection leads to serious diseases of the joints. Therefore, a mechanism to suppress vibration, especially at the professional models chainsaws. The easiest option – a set of rubber pads that separate the arm from the body. However, this construction is used less and less – in modern chainsaws most effective vibration protection is based on principle of “two masses” (the engine block is separated from the unit handles and fuel tank). BUS There are several types of saw tires, each designed for different tasks and different users. Tires mounted on household chainsaw.

They are designed for those who use the tool occasionally and has no special skills. To best protect these “operators” using the narrow flat tires with low profile chain, which has a reduced tendency to “kickback.” Lightweight tire. Designed to perform work for which the weight of chainsaws is essential (at an altitude of sawing or inaccessible places). Such consist of two steel plates with selected slots, the spaces between which are filled polyamide.