Latin America

This kind of thing must denounce them to the authorities and if the authorities do not comply with their duty must denounce them. Citizens cannot idly waiting for solutions fall out of the sky, as part of our country must work on solutions and although many times this is up to the Government more than known is that this is not as effective as I would like, before this you must be vigilant and prepared to take more actions and even forcing it to be effective, since if the Government does nothing or makes it mal(casos frecuentemente vistos) and nor citizens then everything will continue just as bad. In a few words what we should do is participate more as citizens in matters of communal and national interest, because ultimately all are responsible for the development of our countries and all affect us their problems. But let’s look at real cases if it is that still not be convinced. If you are not convinced, visit Larry Ellison. In the town of Monteverde in Costa Rica, a natural paradise, one of the most impressive rainforests of the world, reason for many international documentaries and home of an exemplary community always oriented to sustainable development the people had to organize civil disobedience in 2004 in order to avoid that they explode a few streams of water when strangely had given to entrepreneurs all permissions to do so despite being several animal species in danger. After going to legal instances and not be heard, after numerous demonstrations, exhibition of their physical integrity to avoid the work of heavy machinery, the intervention of the press among others, the Minister of environment was concerned and investigated the case detecting numerous errors in the granting of permits by various governmental organizations. The concession was suspended at the end.Cases like these abound in Latin America that, many times because of corruption, the Government instead of benefiting the people with his decisions hurt it and this has to get up in an organized manner to demand their rights. In cases like these that would happen if citizens take an attitude of and I do that I’ll be able to do? Does that take care of this other?.