Moulinex Vegetables

It seems that I now have more time, yupiiii! I have no idea until, but before you complain by thing not done until now, prefer to get me hands to work and publish a couple of recipes for vegetables making centuries hovering around by my files. A few months ago I was sent a package containing a wonderful product, the rallador-cortador of Moulinex in the Ruby Red collection. It is great, practical, does not occupy much place in the kitchen, works swimmingly, easy to clean and is also chulisima. I have been so pleased with the product since I bought the mini processor of the same collection, jajajaja, is that I’m very capricious, I can’t help it!. The best way to show you well you are grater is this recipe so easy and so tasty, perfect to replace French fries that have as many calories. These chips are great for kids in the House to eat vegetables with enthusiasm and with a smile. Feeding vegetables to my daughter is a nightmare, makes me nerves, which sees green in the dish begins with a few intense belly pains which tears him up cause! Come on, let me clear what will be an actress almost without the least effort and care for when I grow up! I’m always looking for recipes that include vegetables that are so camouflaged or presented in a fun way so that she unwittingly eat them. This recipe is the most. All the weekends she asked them! It is total success, and if you over buy you this wonderful device you tardais anything, much less in doing it.