Inasmuch as multilevel business has carried over 30 years and thousands of people – if companies are dealt with seriously and not pyramid schemes – it is obvious that this is NOT an illegal activity. So you agree with me that question “yes The MLM illegal?” not answered by solving an information problem but a problem of sensation. So no need to worry about answering the question whether the legal multilevel deal but rather to change the feeling of doing something illegal by the feeling of doing things legal. Our way of seeing and living things depends largely on our relationships with others that make up our circle of acquaintances, friends, family, etc. Rather, our behavior and way of thinking are the result of the influence of this circle of people over us. For example if we spend most of our time housewives clean and tidy, we will strengthen our sense of having the house spotless and we become people whose priority is to have a house clean and tidy. If you spend most of our time with lovers of good food, but unfriendly to the exercise, we will know very soon how fitting that it goes better knuckle experience while at the same time as going trustworthy on our rolls. The relationship with people who give us their negative view of the world (“people have no money liar,” “the products are very expensive,” “Network Marketing is a scam”), will lead us to develop ourselves and put this negative view question …

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