Online Marketing Challenge

The marketing challenge online Google (Google Online Marketing Challenge) of 2010 saw how more than twelve thousand students from 60 countries around the world took part in this online competition at the global level. Basically is a competition that provides college students and graduate the opportunity to gain direct experience in advertising and marketing online. Student groups will receive u$ s200 for investing in online advertising program, Google AdWords. The proposal is to design a sketch of advertising strategy, the development of the campaign, evaluation of their results and the recommendations of business associated with the future development of online marketing strategies. Students will have three weeks to plan and organize the strategy and measure their skills in competition with thousands of students from all parts of the world.

During this period, groups of students must submit two reports for the contest, the first before taking up the challenge, and the second, then finished the campaign. The proposals of the participants will be analyzed by an international panel of professors, and winners will be chosen according to the success of your campaigns and the quality of the reports. Details of the contest: 1. teachers divide students into groups, which then receive bonuses of Google AdWords for advertising online, for a value of u$ s200 for each group. 2 Groups or teachers recruited to small or medium-sized companies, with less than 100 employees, having a site on the Web, but that currently they are not using AdWords.Cada group works with the commercial establishment to establish an account and structure for an online marketing campaign. 3. During a window of three weeks in the competition, groups optimize and refine your campaigns. Groups must submit two reports to contest the first, until they begin their work and the second, once finished the campaign.

4. Proposals are judged and winners are chosen based on the success of their campaigns and the quality of their reports. In order to accommodate the students from around the world, students may compete in any period of three consecutive weeks between the months of January and may 5. The global and regional winners will be announced in the month of July 2011 prizes: global champions and their teacher will win a one week vacation to San Francisco, USA.Including the visit of a full day of Googleplex of United States offices to meet the team that has developed AdWords. The regional champions (EMEA, Americas, JAPAC) and his teacher will be invited to spend a day in one of the main offices of Google in your region. Advantages for students and teachers: the Online Google competition constitutes an exceptional way for teachers and students to carry out practical real-world experience in the online advertising market. Serve to work on real accounts and manage them for best results. How to register: is necessary to a professor at the academic institution register team in the Competition Online. You should visit to get more detailed information.