Oxfam International

The more walking through the forest, the more wood is located in the extent that they do not take seriously the effects of climate change, its scope, impact, effects will make feel each time with greater intensity, as a threat to humanity, especially for those countries still in development. It should concern us, as instructed in elmundo.es that climate change and biofuel production, is seriously affecting the planet. Both factors aggravate seasonal hunger each year are produced in vast areas of the planet. Unexpected droughts, disastrous floods and change in rainfall are affecting mostly small farmers and, in general, to millions of families who live of natural resources. In total, United Nations official data speak of that, since a year ago, has increased by 75 million the number of hungry people on the planet, reaching the figure of 923 million, among which the majority are children, elderly and infirm.

Stands out, that change climate is the central issue of poverty in our time, according to the executive director of Oxfam International, Jeremy Hobbs. Climate change is taking place more and more and the poorest countries of the world, who struggle every day to survive, are those who suffer hardest way. The proof is right in front of our eyes. The human cost of climate change is as real as any notice of dismissal or embargo the truth, that on the occasion of the world food day, the World Food Organization (FAO) released a report warning of the risks posed by climate change and biofuels for millions of families living in poverty. They are phenomena that determine both the difficulty of access to food and drinking water, as the expansion of the global warming-related diseases. Its effects, as they predict, will be more visible in five years if not taken measures concern is indicating ecoportal.net, to the devastating drought that currently suffers from East Africa, where millions of people are on the brink of starvation, is a preview of our future, suggests a new study on the impacts of climate change.