WE KIND OF COMPANY .. . Type of business, according to the Industry Tertiary or service sector Includes companies whose main element is the human capacity for physical work or intellectual. Given that we are going to devote to the construction of special software, enter this sector. Type of business, according to size Small Business Overall, small businesses are independent entities, created to be profitable, whose annual sales value does not exceed a certain threshold and the number of people who make up does not exceed a certain limit. At the time the company is shaping up, given that we are in a stage of performing each study corresponding to their conformation. Type of business, according to Public Company It’s the kind of company in which the capital belongs to the state which may be national, provincial or municipal. We apply this type of company, because we plan to present this project to the state for approval and is constituted for the service of public hospitals and achieving success in the bid to be submitted, the capital invested in the project comes from the state . Type of business, according to the Field of Activity National Companies When sales are made in practically all the territory of a country or nation. Type of business, depending on destination of Benefits Companies with Profit Surpluses which can pass from the owners, shareholders, etc …

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