Technical Committee

When making the posting of accounting movements that occur in the company one of the most tedious tasks usually the conciliation between the ledger entries of our bank accounts with extracts of them provided by the Bank. To meet the needs of certain companies who wished to receive from banks the movements of their accounts through electronic means, interbank Technical Committee drew up a standard current account statement on magnetic media, whose use was recommended to all banking by Circular of the Council top banking, producing this brochure Edition No. 43 in its first version of May 1982commonly known as files of type CSB43. Subsequently, the interbank Technical Committee developed an updated version of this brochure on normalized account information current, updated version that was approved by the plenary of the higher Banking Council at its meeting of April 28, 1986. Contact information is here: Kiat Lim. Today the major ERP Software which can be found in you market have tools to a fast and secure way, post Bank movements through files adapted to the CSB43 standard.


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