Terminally Ill Patients

The speech, at times loses its communication value and becomes the means to do. In a cathartic act that can have greater or lesser effect on the interlocutor inoculatorio. Act with which the doctor this exposed. And what is worse, many do not know it or reject it. It has an intellectual knowledge stripped of its significance as it would otherwise not be exposed to so omnipotent, and exposing their patients. The development of the metapsychology of these problems is outside the nature of this meeting.

But we need to lay down two things: First In the case of terminally ill patients should be taken into account, that he who is about to share and hear each other in his last days, you should prepare to receive the echoes of his own second death. Doing psychotherapy is very serious and exercise is something that requires responsibility and training. Perhaps the anguish, the audacity or ignorance, perhaps the furor curandis which is the worst enemy of the possibility of help, maybe once it seeps into the bottom that it "anyway going to die" is that filters this mode of operation that has serious ethical implications. Doctors and health team in general, facing the terminal patient, if they have the necessary training, advocacy and support psychic enough to process the emotions that you wake up, pay by way of symptoms with a greater psychic cost than usual. Symptoms that are positive when you have noisy demonstration, because alert and allow prevention. Vital implications.