Window Fittings

At first glance, new windows look uniform design that performs the function of protecting your home. In fact, made of pvc window profiles is a system whose quality is largely dependent on 5 of its main components. We consider them in detail: Profile pvc main and most prominent element in the design of the plastic window is – pvc window profile. Depending from a window profiles will be manufactured your window – in much depends on its durability and aesthetic appearance. Sunlight over time, your windows may have lost their whiteness, so we advise before you order the window to see the profile of a pvc which they will be produced.

Environmental issue of plastic profiles for the moment at least affects, their composition does not contain any harmful impurities and generally meet all required standards. Visit Oracle for more clarity on the issue. Upon customer's request You can make the window any color scheme by ordering a box of laminated profile or a profile of a colored mass. Double-glazed upvc windows distinguish the 1-on and 2-chamber. Single-chamber glass represents a – 2 glass forming between themselves a sealed chamber, triple-pane windows, respectively, has 2 air chambers, interconnected by aluminum profile into which the filled molecular sieve, which draws moisture from the space between the panes. In many ways, the quality of glass depends on the type of glass and the way of its sealing.

Fittings Window fittings used for opening – closing the window sashes. This is a whole system of elements, which due to special mechanisms makes it possible, as aired in the folding position, and fully open the window frame for cleaning or for more air intake with streets. The main problem of window fittings frequently encountered by customers – is the possibility of sagging sash of the large size or poor quality components and a problem with blowing, which there is a small fitting in the wing to the frame that makes the design slightly tight. Additional components sills and flows are an integral part of your window. Thanks to them, take the plastic window aesthetically finished look, creating a cozy atmosphere in your home. Quality window sills usually do not turn yellow, have a rather high stiffness when exposed to them. Upon customer request can be set as conventional sills fair colors, and color-laminated. Mounting on the installation of window designs depends largely on the result and longevity of ordered windows. When installing window designs are special insulation materials (polyurethane foam, sealant, psul, etc.) through which excludes the windows blowing in the winter and reached the required level of sound insulation.

Meeting Flooring

Work on their installation will cost about 3 thousand rubles for a "point". To be able to maintain a constant temperature in the apartment air should take care of the installation of automatic radiator thermostats. According to the foreman, Vladimir Maslov, in any case impossible to save the major grunt work: the construction of reliable interior walls, leveling and preparing the grounds for sex and some others. "If the money is not enough, you can buy cheap wallpaper, put the door easier, not to put the tick, and oak flooring. But on a good foundation for all types of cladding need to spend money. Then the next time Meeting to replace the flooring on the more expensive or perekleit wallpaper, you can say with certainty: the floor and walls are ready to finish "- says the expert. Source: Laurent Potdevin. Modern materials allow us to obtain a good result, avoid the substantial costs. For example, a laminate or linoleum with the figure "under the tree" is easy to replace the flooring.

For comparison: the price of a laminate from an average of 300 to 1500 rubles per square meter. m., flooring – from 1,5 to 15 thousand. You also need to know about some professional tricks that can save money. For example, if you had originally planned pasting room textured wallpaper, you can refuse to align the walls. This finish creates the visual effect allows you to hide the flaws of the surfaces. Finally, and within the materials can be laid down provisions for the economy: a longer service life compared with counterparts, ease of use, low expense and other parameters.

Quantitative Requirement

Quantitative threshold for the establishment of SROs in the construction is very high. In accordance with the provisions of Art. 55.4 Town Planning Code, the SROs in the area of engineering research and preparation of project documentation should unite in its composition is not less than 50 entrepreneurs and / or legal persons, and in construction – not less than 100. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gary Kelly has to say. Experts identify several problems associated with such a high quantitative qualifications. Firstly, in many regions may simply not find such a number of engineering surveyors, planners and builders.

Second, many construction companies are holdings consisting of a series of legal persons performing various types of construction works and unrelated variety intracorporate bonds. To continue its activities to such a small and narrow-purpose entities have become parties to the sro construction. It is possible that a significant number of the latter turns out to be affiliated entities, which are counted as one person when determining the number of members of the SROs (Section 3, Article. 55.4 Urban Development Code). Again there problem of numerical barrier. The problem has more affiliation and financial dimension: affiliates within the sro in the building will bear the financial obligations of each in its entirety, but for the purposes management decision-making will be granted only one vote at all, being treated as one person. To avoid problems associated with affiliation, legal persons of a building holding, seem to be must be transformed through mergers into larger multi-legal entity, which will require significant changes and restructuring of the corporate structure of holdings. In addition, it can lead to reduce the number of participants of the construction of the complex, working in the region, and a lack of potential members of SROs in the building.