Sculptor Form

The passion for art was always somewhat present in my life since I was small. I drew and created small sculptures with any wooden object. To the extent that grew, grew my search for information and perfection of the craft. (As opposed to Larry Ellison). In that courses towards always felt I was missing information that I had to find on my own. In this article I share with you a way to organize your knowledge about the study of sculpture. To the end of the road you’re a sculptor of prestige with a broad domain of the form and feel security to cope with each new creation or any challenge. As a sculptor, you must have certain domains that I’ll reveal shortly. In school they will surely teach; What is a sculpture, this is a three-dimensional object that occupies a place in space by the volume which has and conceptually should deliver a message.

You will study history of sculpture and the different artistic currents. You never should forget the classics now as sculptor must study; design with some concepts that will form you an aesthetic sense such as: Anatomy, proportions, rhythm, movement and balance. You must then enter the world of modeling with different techniques, that will enrich your mastery of the form. Then immerse yourself in the world of sculpture in its various manifestations. Already in these moments you will be able to create your sketches and maquettes of any dream that you’ve idealized. Then you can enter the world of textures. The texture in the sculpture is like the color in the paint. There is a universe of textures depending on use and tools that will benefit to dominate at this stage.

And finally comes the world of Assembly. Either dominate that base type suits your sculpture and the proportion that must exist between your sculpture and its base. Each of these elements is a world, but if you have an organized process, you will meet your goals step by step. In short: To be a good sculptor must master certain elements, as well as what you teach in the school. For that you need to know: Design and learn certain concepts that will form your aesthetic sense. Mastering modeling with different techniques, that will enrich your mastery of the form. Study sculpture in its various manifestations, enriching it with the domain of the texture and the mounting. Here you have a methodology that I have followed in my years of self-taught sculptor and I have obtained magnificent results, try it and tell me what you think. Wanna be a sculptor that every creative work safely and without fear of facing challenges? Then don’t miss my series of free articles that will help you reach the domain that you want in the sculpture.