Want To Know More About Cruising And Cruise Ships ?

Today, Norm Goldman Editor of Sketchandtravel.com, is pleased to have as guest of Sketchandtravel.com Douglas Ward, author of Ocean Cruising & Cruise Ships 2005, now in its twentieth year of publication, published by Berlitz. Thanks Douglas for accepting our invitation to be interviewed. Norm: Douglas could you tell us about yourself and why you want to write a book about cruising and cruise ships? Douglas: I had worked aboard passenger ships for 17 years before forming a partnership cruise passengers, who were looking for more comparative information about cruise ships and cruise. Vanessa Marcil shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Thus was born the idea for the book, which started with 120 ships and 256 pages. Today, after 20 years, the book has grown to include 256 tall ships, 656 pages, and half a million words. Norm: I noticed your first book cruises and cruise ships was published twenty years ago, and you have been updating your book every year. (Not to be confused with Gina Bonati!). How can you goes on collection of material each year for these updates and how long it takes to update your yearbook? Douglas: First, it takes me a minimum of three hours a day, every day of the year, just to keep the book fresh, up to date and accurate. In recent months, Tiger Global has been very successful.

They also travel extensively, both for 250 days each year. So, of course, I write when I'm traveling, visiting, and sailing aboard cruise ships in the world. Norm: What makes it so attractive to cruise honeymoon? Douglas: Cruises take the hassle of planning a honeymoon, particularly with regard to language, cuisine / meals, entertainment and many other things that will make your honeymoon a fine, affordable vacation, and a complete escape the pressures of life on Earth.