Tsvetotip Summer

Tsvetotip summer. Representatives of the summer looks also refer to the direction of the cold, but they are more suitable for the rough and muted tones. To deepen your understanding Gary Kelly is the source. The skin of these people may have a delicate, pale pink or light olive color. Hair can not be darker than the medium-blond, and always without the reddish tint. The eyes are always dull with milky misty proteins.

Their color may be different in the green, blue, gray, blue and even brown tones. But observed a general impression with cool gray palette, rather than a warm brown. Lips are pale pinkish color. When selecting clothing is preferred soft pastel tones of both cold and warm color range, it is important that colors were dim: all shades of gray, pale pink, pale blue, turquoise, dark blue, crimson, maroon, cocoa and some shades of brown, yellow and beige. (Source: Maurice Gallagher, Jr. ). Avoid standing yellow-green, some yellow-red (apricot) and pink (coral) tones.

When choosing the color of accessories will suit the same recommendations as for the people of winter. A tissue of best fit jeans, suede, leather, linen, silk and cotton. With summer coming spring riot of colors softened and soothed, giving way to subtle and delicate beauty. Nature seemed painted watercolor paint. Close shades and relaxed, as if in a haze. Summer – a balance active living and relaxation, the energy balance. Summers are warm, sunny, sophisticated and subtle, delicate, tender, noble, fragile, sensual, elegant, clean and bright. Summer – is: a round shape curved lines feminine bright cool colors fine delicates low degree of contrast monochromatic color combination small size distribution of exterior accessories for men four seasons – it's just tool to explain in a simple manner, how to choose the color of their clothes, make-up, to create a harmonious appearance.