International Executive Programme

The best and things more valuable in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen: the source for more info. Noted us, that today the technological obsolescence, regulatory changes, geopolitical shocks and increasing competition, are some of the forces that undermine the strength of the current competitive advantages. Globalization and the interdependence of the markets, in addition to the development of telecommunications and information technology, have not only brought substantial benefits to the economic development of the planet, but it also brought as a result instability. The crisis facing the world in the past few months gives that instability is a condition that will be inherent in economic development, therefore from now on, the only thing stable will be instability. It cannot be denied either, as says Ivan Mendez, which the current context requires the managers of existing enterprises that are able to provide efficient responses to the range infinite adversities to international level, country, organizational and personal, allowing dynamize your institution and work teams in a global market with a much broader vision. Today, we indicated, some of the concerns that occupies senior management revolve around the paradox of hyper competitiveness and regulations, generating social value and the search for opportunities through entrepreneurship and innovation. But becomes inevitable that the directing thoughts on: what are the effective responses in the face of adversity? When can the work become a risk factor and when on guard? What is what the Manager should know to create a positive environment? What are the characteristics of the new teams? Adds us, in that sense, Marielba Avellan, Professor of the IESA, management consultant, Executive coach, and academic Coordinator of the 2009 International Executive Programme, has commented that effectively organizations must have strategies to develop people resilient if they want to go forward and strengthened in unstable environments, today we are not talking about adapt ourselves to changes but rather of ability to deal with adversity, overcome them or even be transformed by them in relation to the work, Professor Avellan teams emphasized that these must be more than the traditional collaboration because now teams have new features: his work is virtual, are large, predominates the diversity, not only for the expertise but also because they can be multicultural and are composed by highly specialized professionals, therefore how to manage them is different from the conventional.

Making Permanent Money

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