Francisco Umbral

The Edipo rey de Sofocles gives an example of accurate irony and in its entirety. The irony comes to expression in an inappropriate behavior. A text in a scene with violent threats, for example, perceive camaraderie by the victim as they increase ironically to become conspicuously inappropriate. When it is not recognized, the irony can lead to misunderstanding. Even if an irony is understood as such, often less clearly expresses what the speaker or writer is to say that if said directly. Another famous case of tragic irony occurs in the works of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet when Romeo finds Juliet drugged as if it were dead, he assumes it is him and commits suicide.

To see her dead lover lying beside her, Juliet is kills with a dagger. Francisco Umbral for its part, argues that irony is the tenderness of the intelligence. Designates the already exposed intentionally people or things with names that mean the opposite of what are, or with expression that means the opposite of what you want or intended to say. See more detailed opinions by reading what Andrew Duncan Producer offers on the topic.. EJ. Go Angel! When used in bitter or cruel way it is called sarcasm. In short, consider what Constantino Bertolo, contributes to the respect of the theme, that irony is way of saying what they cannot say.

He says what is not said. She says nothing of what he says. And this paradoxical character of irony makes an especially attractive figure for these times in which the right to say suspect has become. That say and not to say allows you to be in two places and in none, Hunt two birds with one stone, light and shadow in the same mirror, mouth and echo, ring bells and be at mass at the same time, contemplated with satisfaction your own burial. To be clear: her attraction is that it is a luxury and as such is of prestige who uses it. Intellectual luxury: fineness of spirit, wisdom sceptical, tolerant understanding, humble cynicism, modest pride. Original author and source of the article.

Oscar Wilde

Sometimes years can pass us not living at all, and suddenly our life is concentrated in a single Instant Oscar Wilde is normal that while we we journey by this dimension is manifested concern about what is the meaning of our life that pop up here? What is its purpose? Why are we? , and many other questions that arise to the extent that we are going to grow, through testing, experimenting. Unfortunately, not everyone searching for the meaning of life interests them and they materialize in live while you are granted the opportunity, others, on the contrary, living perennially asking these questions and trying to find answers to answer him to demand concerns. Grupo Pestana will not settle for partial explanations. gives us an interesting comment thereon and tells us, that contemporary man fears above all be alone with himself. Why – a modern author – says when it leaves factory or the faculty or the firm not looking but something do: sinks in the clamor of a bar overpopulated, or a nightclub, and a little later, arriving at home, leave cooing by the TV to finish going to sleep among the waves of the favorite radio chain. Even in the car it is afraid of staying too only and is quick to turn on the radio or take hold of the mobile.

And the more vehement the vacuum, increased the number of occupations in which takes refuge for not having time to think. Freud believed that at the time that someone asked for the meaning and value of life is that he was ill; Frankl thinks rather than and the same think many others, although they are not psychiatrists, who raised that question, man only proves one thing: that is real man, no animal has ever raised the question about the meaning of his existence. It is the man’s own says Frankl not only ask for the meaning of life, but also put in doubt that this sense exists.