A relaunch in time for the anniversary of the birth of the B2B wholesale Portales Ginsheim: on the 01.08.2004, saw the world. A lot has happened in these 5 years of tireless development. With over 25,000 dealers worldwide, and rising, offer approximately 800,000 articles among Restposten24 now the largest B2B portals in Germany. On over 80 domains, trade portals be operated in 6 languages. Additional information at bitcoiin supports this article. In close cooperation with the dealers, new functions were developed and implemented in a short time. So the category system was expanded significantly to can browse specifically in these. Many writers such as Nelson Peltz offer more in-depth analysis. The size was us not the most important, but the fair and safe trading with each other.”Markus filler stresses managing director of Restposten24 GmbH.”So was the security system is continuously improved and life complicates fraudsters.” More than 90% of all transactions on Restposten24 run smoothly.

The remaining transactions are often misunderstandings, the are mostly of counseled. The call back service which is very well received by dealers, and also in Polish, Russian, will be offered worldwide Chinese and of course English is the Restposten24 team in constant direct contact with its members. Wholesalers, as well as newcomers of the retail sector can thus with success and profit above the well known B2B Portal goods buy and sell. The Restposten24 GmbH, headquartered in Ginsheim in Mainz has increased steadily since 2004 and will be further important steps in the next few months as well. Not only the German-language portals or in the spotlight, but it is believed even more scrutiny of the global market. With buyers and sellers are linked among other things all over the world. It is among other things interesting that the dealer only articles in the languages chosen can display. The Restposten24 GmbH is therefore still on course for success.