Starting Job

No matter how much time and energy you invest in job seeking, critical mistakes can derail your efforts. Consider the following job search scenario. Each of the mistakes described below can put your job search off track, but all are easily avoided. Error # 1: Starting with a handicap Your job search is underway. Time to get out of your resume, dust it off and add your most recent experience? Right? Incorrect. A strong job search starts with strategies and a strong resume should be the vehicle to put the strategy into action. Not enough to dust off an old resume? you need a revised curriculum that is tailored to a specific position and a specific employer. Ask yourself? What are the needs and preferences up to this standard? How can we meet the needs of the employer with specific information about your experience, strengths and accomplishments? And how do you structure your resume to convey this key information in a quick 30 second scan? To avoid the error # 1, assume that your resume is much more than a personal story that just needs a little updating.

Start with a strategy, and rewrite your resume so that speaks directly to the interests and concerns of employers who read it. Error # 2: Sending less-than-your-Best Your resume is done, and you have written a letter to accompany it. Now you are about to fall in the email in response to a job advertisement that interests you most? Right? Incorrect.