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Galician Bank

The Galician bank is one of the main present banks in Spain dedicated to the international bank, which has been the result of a great trajectory that has allowed him to position itself in the market of the banking and financial activity, taking step to the great present that lives the Galician bank at present, aspects that make think in the future with better conditions by means of the creation of different plans with development ambition. Within the Galician bank history has played a great role, therefore it is good for making a brief reproduction of the same. Thus the Galician bank, has been developed through but of 10 years of history, time in which one of the facts of greater relevance was the union between 21 bank and the Galician bank. The creation of the Galician bank, occurred in the year of 1847, under the name of Olimpio bank Perez, applying of such way a regional bank dedicated to […]