Social Networks

The rise of social networks not only is very important to understand the phenomena of individual and social behavior on the internet, but it has also generated an avalanche of urgencies to companies to use it and make it as these Internet users appreciate them. It is a truism that the companies are turning to social networks in order to increase sales, position a product or service, or generate value in the brand. The question is how they should be strategies that could guarantee a success rate. To read more click here: Richard Anderson . Feedback of information can sometimes be dangerous for the companies, if not handled by professionals who understand the culture and informal codes that dominate in social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Tuenti, this raid may even prove negative for the company. Some guidelines to achieve a Facebook page and a Twitter account that consolidates the brand, which is efficient and that allows you to achieve the main objectives of the brands on their strategies in social networks are: according to various specialists, webmasters or Administrators of the web site of the company should follow the following tips: promotion, identification and interaction with the target audience permanent Expansion in the network, betting on the creation of innovative strategies and high potential of viral propagation. Promotion of information of relevance to the construction of the marc permanent search for new business opportunities, partnerships and contacts promotion of new products and services active listening to user feedback that will help the dynamism and optimization of the interaction marks with the marks of the competence development of the loyalty of users consider these actions when implementing their marketing strategies on Facebook and Twitter for your business..