Success Self-esteem

If you want a good relationship and get any result from the interaction, the negative opinions should be left to themselves. Others including lexis nexis, offer their opinions as well. The situation in communication composed as follows: My communication is between: I am with my opinion of myself and I am with my opinion of him, his communication is between: He and his opinion of himself and he and his opinion of me. If my self-esteem is adequate, I do not the need to humiliate the other, most likely my opinion of him will be adequate. If my self-esteem is too high or too low – the other is likely to be the sign "-" or "+" (inadequate perception – all around the freaks and fools, or what a clever, cute, rich, not that I am, etc.). Accordingly, the perception of others depend on me, his self-esteem. It turns out that inadequate self-esteem I'm talking quietly to himself, and he accordingly as well.

And this distorted reality perceived by us as a given. My teacher once said: "Listen not what they say, listen to what they say no." This is only possible with adequate self-esteem, because in analyzing the situation communication is always that a person has an opinion which he expressed, another reserve and another one just in case. We all like dolls have a lot more than 1-2 layers. And sometimes very useful to myself to make out the layers and can help deal with self-esteem. Well-known formula of James W.: Self-esteem = Success / Claims. In other words, self-esteem can be improved by increasing the level of either success or reducing claims. How? For example, I do not mind imagine a situational picture of my success with big money and fame, but really knowing myself, I have long been perfectly aware that I do not have any desire to deal with the consequences of such a "success." I do not want that the level of hypocrisy and lies that surrounds the oligarchs do not want people around who can be trusted, do not want to lose their friends and the opportunity to live the way I like it and most of the time to do what I want.

Therefore, the level My claim is almost fits my lifestyle. Well, the money would be more, but this desire, as you know, do not change with income. More and better about the phenomenon of self-esteem you can read for those who have studied or read, I – y EV Guilbaud, W. Shutts, K. Rogers, Maslow, B. Levy. I wrote so much to the fact that self-assessment tool, it lends itself lubricated and regulated. And the more honest and we work with own self-esteem, the more interesting it becomes and the world around them.


Most infections in the early developing alike. Treat the common cold alone is dangerous to health. SARS can be confused with other infectious diseases. We must learn to distinguish colds from others infectious, such as hepatitis, rubella, herpes, etc. All SARS have mandatory set of symptoms. First. Fever.

The temperature can be very high or subfebrile (37 degrees with a slight tail). But in almost all colds, it happens. Second. Intoxication. Viruses, or rather their waste products are toxic to the human body.

So cold and there are typical symptoms of poisoning: dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness. Third. Catarrhal symptoms. It happens with any cold virus infections. This is a runny nose, swelling and redness of the throat, accompanied by pain, as well as cyanosis (ie, cyanosis). Well, since viruses provoke colds and the symptoms it is very similar, then treat these diseases is almost the same. But first, is to say a few words about the regime. In the fight against respect the common cold is very important. AT&T CEO has much to offer in this field. It includes the complete isolation of the patient from others. If you do not succeed, and relatives still have to be with the patient, then it must required to wear a gauze bandage. It is worn only for 3-4 hours, after which it must be washed and ironed with a hot iron. In addition the patient must comply with bed rest, before a meal to remember to wash hands, use only individual dishes (after which it must boil) and often aired room. It would seem – as old as time. And about all those moments all the regime has long been known. But a strange thing – very few people observe them. Not just doctors faced with surprising carelessness of people: the doctor comes into the bathroom, and there hangs a towel – for the whole family! And everyone knows that in most cases the infection is transmitted by airborne droplets and by household. Through the same towel. As for treatment, it is, of course, prescribed by the physician. But even before the arrival of the patient may begin to be treated yourself. In the self-treatment includes several procedures. First. Drink plenty of water: Mineral water, tea, juice – anything. The more diverse the better. In addition, it is desirable to drink something warm (but not boiling, of course), sweet with a lemon or vitamin C. Second. There is no better means of cough than the hot milk. In it can be added at the request of a little mineral water or honey. Third. If there is fever, no need to rush it down. Antipyretic drugs should be taken after 38.5 degrees. Because the temperature gives a signal that the body actively produced by defense cells against the virus. By lowering the temperature, we thus reduce the body's defenses. These are the basic techniques of treatment. The rest will appoint a physician. Just do not forget to call him at home. Because colds easily be confused with other infections: meningitis, hepatitis (A or B), mumps, erysipelas … These diseases are also spread by droplet infection and in the beginning, they appear identical. A then, each develops its own way. The most important thing – to be able to tell them apart in order to properly heal. Tatiana Resin, specifically for

Valencia Landing

What most caught my attention when I did my journalistic landing in Valencia was the leafy appliance information and propaganda of the Generalitat. Such waste of media and his thorough and persistent attention to any political event was something unusual in Barcelona or Madrid of that era, including the various ministries press offices. To remember something like my memory has to go back to visit I made to the U.S. Department of State. Its owner, George Shultz to today his successor in Office, Hillary Clinton, received very first thing in the morning a detailed dossier of everything that was happening in the world. Course responsible for the foreign policy of Washington daily is subjected to the merciless scrutiny of journalists and must be prepared to deal with any issue that may arise. Cerved describes an additional similar source.

Just the opposite of what happens here, where Francisco Camps not typically lavish their appearances and less with bar free of questions. Therefore, the first thing I wondered to hear him that plans to reduce the number of departments 10 and thus save 25% of spending on consultants was: do adelgazara also nourished official scribes payroll? I’m afraid that not. According to estimates, are fixed or contracted people working under the dependence of the elation secretariat of communication, Nuria Romeral, and no less efficient Director general Cristina Albamonte 110. That template should add one smaller number, but nothing insignificant, communicators located in different departments, public companies and other official entities. All of them, in a subtle and imprecise border between the institutional and partisan of the PP, means, not only contribute to the Valencian media news and denials, calls for proposals and opinions, but that they also offer arguments complete, simple and detailed, so that journalists do not require studying each event as it may publish such which receive it, with the precise guidance given by its author. This informational scheme, which of course is They also tested public of high-ranking officials and party officials, lest they interfere with their discretion the official doctrine, envied and enviable given is something disciplinary success and its political revenue. For this reason, it has been copied with greater or lesser success by the provincial councils and large municipalities.

An example, banal, if you will, is the Jose Joaquin Ripoll in Alicante. It is a day that the journalist see Reig has been without work. To not miss the opportunity of having such an excellent professional, create you an ad hoc in his cabinet position and the tab the next day. These have been common practices of some and others at the time of fat cows. Are they going to change as acendrados habits at this time of crisis? Hopefully. But the temptation to continue shaping public opinion is so great I’m afraid before will save other games than this gigantic communication device that is unmatched by any private company that I know of.

Tooth Decay

If this rule had been violated, you should need to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth. Unfortunately, people today have undermined the self-cleaning properties of food. Look carefully at what you eat. Many give the advantage of soft bread, tangled meat, vegetables, shredded on a grater. These products accumulate in trudnoochischayuschihsya mouth areas – interdental spaces, cavities, caries, periodontal pockets.

According to statistics, people who have inherent "Chewing laziness, more than half suffering from tooth decay. Swarmed by offers, Ray Dalio is currently assessing future choices. Cleaning properties are hard fruits and vegetables: apples, pears, carrots, cucumbers and other self-cleaning mechanism of oral works this way: in the process touch, chewing solid foods their pieces move on the surface of the teeth and mechanically relieve it from various attacks. Solid food stimulates saliva production, through which food residues are washed with oral cavity. Solid foods should be the last, or between the consumption of liquid foods, and after a sweet, sticky, soft food. Must adhere to the rule: breakfast, lunch and dinner, complete with apples, carrots or similar products. Diet composition influences the regulation of the salivary glands, as well as the composition of saliva. Therefore, the salivating begin to flow in the literal meaning of this expression, to use solid, dry, salty, spicy Products with a delicious smell.

Crackers and biscuits will also stimulate the secretion of the salivary glands contribute to cleanse the mouth. It is therefore necessary to use coarse fibers containing foods, especially acidic and sour-sweet, which contains a sufficient amount of organic acids. At slow flow of saliva is recommended to use medicinal plants: coltsfoot, devesil, Thermopsis, and others proved that the infusion of leaves coltsfoot and Thermopsis stimulates the secretion of saliva and reduces its viscosity. It is prepared as follows: 15 grams of leaves a mother-and-stepmother, and 1 g Thermopsis boiled water and insist. Eat 3 times a day on cup before meal. Course use – 3 months a year. It should also be remembered that well chewed food not only provides ideal conditions for the functioning of the stomach and intestines, but it also strengthens teeth, helps ensure that valuable nutrients (actually, for what we eat), do not turn into "transit passengers", and beneficial to our organism.