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Scarlett Johansson Iron Man

Scarlett Johansson plays the role of Natasha Romanoff (nicknamed "Black Widow") in the movie "Iron Man 2," sequel to the hit 2008. Along with Robert Downey Jr and director Jon Favreau actress went to the San Diego Festival of Comic Con. It was this event in 2007 was the launching pad for the first "Iron Man". During a press conference after the Comic Con Scarlett Johansson admitted that she had never felt so much admiration from her fans previous films. Go to Gary Kelly for more information. "It's unbelievable," – she said. "It's so exciting – to participate in something, in which already have a ready-made fan base, which is a source of energy." – Is it true that you dyed your hair before his first meeting with Jon Favreau? Scarlett Johansson: Not to my first meeting with John. In fact, I met with John and Kevin (Phage) is approximately one year before the pre-production stage, and we just talked […]